Insurance Brokers Receive Powerful New Tools for Business Success and User Convenience with MyBrokerHome from Keal by Vertafore

Streamlined Workflows, Better Team Collaboration, and Clearer Views of Sales Pipeline Through Customizable Dashboard That Connects Seamlessly to Existing SIG Management System

Keal, an expert in Canadian broker innovation powered by Vertafore, today announced the debut of MyBrokerHome to enhance user productivity and sales success. Users receive a customizable user interface, flexible workflows, views of their entire sales pipeline, tools for team collaboration and compliance, and much more. Built with seamless connectivity to Keal's SIG Broker Management System, the solution will also provide users with full access to their existing SIG capabilities.

MyBrokerHome breaks new ground with respect to user convenience. Finally, no conversions are required from an existing database or CMS, as with traditional broker management dashboards. It not only connects to the SIG system in minutes, but also offers intuitive templates so administrators can tailor MyBrokerHome to a firm's workflows and preferences.

"Everything about MyBrokerHome is designed to maximize the productivity of brokers, administrators, staff, and technical personnel," noted Natasha Joyal, senior director of product development, Keal. "Insurance is a business of personalization and customization. From concept to completion, MyBrokerHome allows insurance firms to create a technical front-end that looks and feels like home, while supporting the daily work processes that simplify tasks and empower users."

MyBrokerHome borrows the best features and capabilities from MyAgencyHome, the U.S. equivalent from Vertafore, but tailors them for the Canadian market. Presented in both English and French, MyBrokerHome delivers the following benefits:

  • Customizable dashboard allows users to see to-do-lists, expiring policies and more from a variety of control panels that support easy configuration to fit specific preferences.
  • Streamlined workflows featuring screens that guide users through employee onboarding or other common tasks. Administrators can easily build out steps using QuickNavs.
  • Team collaboration and compliance is greatly enhanced by allowing managers to report on outstanding processes to ensure work is completed in a timely fashion. The Work Queue shows teams what steps in a document or project are complete and what needs to be done next.

"Our most important goal is to help Canadian brokers grow their local businesses. MyBrokerHome is a major step forward for Keal and for our customers," noted Laurent Nadeau, vice president of sales and marketing, Keal. "We view MyBrokerHome as a future-directed interface that will support many new features and capabilities in the future - and the fact that it can be deployed without a major conversion project means that MyBrokerHome is both cost-effective and easy to implement."

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