Vertafore Launches Online Customer Community to Increase Collaboration and Provide Visibility into World-Class Products

March 4, 2016 /

San Antonio, TX – March 4, 2016Vertafore, the leader in modern insurance technology, today announced bold plans for its cloud-based Customer Community, where customers can interact with the company, receive up-to-the-minute updates, access customized content, and provide feedback on products. Up to this point, Vertafore® product teams have lacked an intuitive tool to gather direct customer feedback and crowd source ideas to prioritize product enhancements. The new online space was designed to increase connection between Vertafore and its customers, while also providing a forum for peer-to-peer sharing. The Vertafore Customer Community is hosted on the Salesforce cloud, ensuring all data and member information is secure. Access to the community will be available in Spring 2016. “Customer feedback is the key source of intelligence that dictates our product roadmap and is critical in our daily operations,” said Greg Wright, senior vice president of agency and carrier solutions at Vertafore. “The most effective way to obtain feedback is through an online community that users can access any time, over any device. Every department at Vertafore will benefit from this Customer Community. It will help us deliver relevant content that solves technical problems, and helps them become better insurance professionals.”   For many companies, the traditional approach to customer interaction has been siloed – customers received emails for important product news, had access to separate support databases for technical issues, or resorted to social channels for product feedback. The innovative new Vertafore Customer Community centralizes people, processes, content, and tools to create a platform of engagement. Using the online community, customers will learn how to take full advantage of Vertafore solutions with increased product information, educational resources, and access to other users to collaborate on experiences. At the same time, Vertafore will be able to have two-way conversations with customers and create an idea center for enhancing its technology suite. Key benefits of Vertafore’s Customer Community include: Vertafore® Ideas Platform – Members have a direct line of communication to Vertafore product teams to address their most pressing technology needs. Feedback will be used to enhance product features and capabilities. Business Process Collaboration– Users can connect with other Vertafore customers to discuss business trends and opportunities and share best practices on how to use Vertafore technology solutions.   Build Social Connections – In addition to collaborating on business opportunities, members can connect on more personal levels by supporting professional development goals or forming groups around common interests. Mobile Access – The community is mobile-first and device agnostic so customers can engage when and where they choose. Personalized Information – Relevant content and resources are suggested to each member based on their interests and behavior. Secure and Scalable – Community cloud leverages the trusted Salesforce platform, so all data and member information is always safe, no matter how many members you have.   “Vertafore is frequently on the leading edge of best practices in the tech industry. Launching a community like this is another example of Vertafore putting their customers at the forefront of their design process and commanding the insurance industry forward,” said Sean Butterfield, account manager at Salesforce. The new Vertafore Customer Community is designed to complement NetVU, the Network of Vertafore Users, and is aligned with similar best practices from other world-class technology companies. Provide your information and to get more details about this exclusive online space for Vertafore customers.

About Vertafore  Vertafore’s comprehensive insurance management software solutions lead brokers and carriers to adapt to an evolving insurance industry to efficiently scale their businesses through deeper access to information and insights. The Vertafore product line is built on a platform, empowering customers and other solution providers to adapt and thrive as the market changes. Vertafore’s platform features fast innovation, partnerships with the best technology companies, and customizable solutions to help companies remain independent during a time of industry disruption. As the leader in modern insurance technology with the largest customer base in the industry, Vertafore connects every point of the distribution channel, from agencies and carriers to MGAs, MGUs, and state governments. For more information about Vertafore, visit, read the company’s blog, and follow the company on TwitterLinkedin, and Facebook.

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