KAP’s growth playbook: Blending InsurTech, teamwork and innovation 

This is a story of how technology, combined with vision and strategy, can completely transform the game! Learn about KAP’s exciting journey, from tackling challenges with multiple data management systems to turning them into their biggest strengths.  

Meet Keystone Agency Partners

See how KAP, fueled by RiskMatch and a visionary approach, navigated and transformed challenges into strategic investments. Explore the ins and outs of KAP’s success and discover how technology and strong partnerships lead to unparalleled growth.  

Facing the unique challenge of growth

Founded in 2020, Keystone Agency Partners (KAP) has seen extraordinary growth, acquiring 19 agencies in just three years. This rapid expansion brought a unique challenge: working with different agency management systems (AMS360 and Applied Epic) and data entry methods. 

KAP’s implementation of RiskMatch turned a complex web of numbers and stars into valuable nuggets of knowledge.

Implementation highlight

80% adoption unites agencies

KAP's adoption rate of 80% among partner agencies with their relevant data.


KAP and Vertafore dedicated efforts to ensure that each agency has access to relevant data and can utilize it effectively. This effort has paid off, with a significant user adoption rate of 80% among partner agencies.  

The success of this collaborative model goes beyond just software adoption; it's about building a community within the corporate structure. This has been a collective effort, with Vertafore and KAP working together to facilitate adoption, leading to a robust, informed, and connected network of agencies. 

Client fast facts

About Keystone Agency Partners

KAP prioritizes profitable growth and operational efficiency. The brokerage champions an agency-first mentality, equipping partners with superior resources and technology to nurture an entrepreneurial culture.  

Vertafore solutions:

Elevating operational efficiency 

RiskMatch has taken KAP’s operational game to new heights, fueling growth at scale. Denis breaks it down: “RiskMatch isn’t just a tool; it’s our operational compass, guiding us through sales and post-sales activities efficiently.” 

This newfound operational efficiency has set a foundation for KAP to scale new heights, adapting swiftly to market demands while maintaining high standards of service and compliance. According to Patrick Kinney, KAP president, “We’re always looking at what verticals we should be building, what industry specialties we should focus on, and where we should invest our next dollar to grow the business.” 

Optimization highlight

Target insights boost efficiency

During a series of budget planning meetings, the KAP team delved deep into each agency’s performance metrics, including: 

  • Book of business composition,  
  • Unit productivity measures like sales per producer 
  • Client-to-servicing staff ratios. 

Insights from RiskMatch helped identify the specific needs of different client segments. For example, KAP discovered that 50% of one agency’s clients were small businesses that required less engagement compared to larger clients with more complex needs. This revelation enabled KAP to support the agency in tailoring services appropriately. 

This operational efficiency analysis helps streamline internal processes and enhances KAP’s ability to manage agency relationships more effectively. Now, KAP agencies can make informed decisions about resource allocation, service strategies, and overall business operations.  

Fostering collaboration and a unified culture 

KAP’s approach isn’t just about the tech ─ it’s about people and culture. When an agency joins KAP, it joins a family of 19 other successful agencies with different perspectives and experiences.  

The true measure of this success is evident in interactions among partner agencies. KAP began to experience a new level of collaboration. Agencies aren’t just swapping tips; they’re diving into market trends and tactics together. This represents a shift to a more collaborative approach, where each agency’s strengths shine. 

“Creating transparency with data creates healthy competition, and we’re seeing that happen organically because of RiskMatch,” Patrick explains. “This culture is not just about fostering healthy competition; it's about creating a unified vision and approach across all agencies.” 

Fostering collaboration with KAP and Vertafore
Charting the future with KAP and Vertafore partnership

Charting the future: predictive power and informed growth 

KAP is looking forward, and the view is exciting ─ where every decision is guided by solid data insights. The brokerage is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, continuously evolving its practices to meet the ever-changing demands of the insurance industry. 

Keystone Agency Partner’s story is a blueprint for the future of the insurance industry, where a blend of technology, insight, and collaboration is the secret sauce for creating unparalleled service and sustainable growth. They’ve embraced technology not just as a solution but as a catalyst for enduring success and innovation.