An insurance software partner is more than a vendor. We are committed to helping Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA) members have the right technology to grow your agency.

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A foundation for your new business

Becoming independent is a big move and we recognize that choosing technology is only part of it. It helps to have a technology partner that understands what you are going through. As an experienced agent, you'll know that an agency management system is a foundation for your business and want one that helps you get established and grow your business. We have resources to help you make these decisions and an active community of users that can support your SIAA agency. We've helped many agencies make the transition and welcome a chance to discuss your needs and share what others have done. Contact your dedicated Vertafore SIAA account team and we'll discuss how our solutions enable you to grow your business.


What capabilities does my agency need?

As an independent agency, you have a lot of technology needs. We have created a checklist to help you think through the issues, and provided the top solutions used by SIAA members in the sections below.

SIAA Technology Checklist


Smarter, not harder: Grow your business with one simple tool 

Expand your commercial lines knowledge while barely lifting a finger. Watch this webinar to see how Kevin Bull, agency owner and member of SIAA, uses ReferenceConnect to make his agency more profitable, knowledgeable, and efficient.


Panel: Navigating the hard market with technology

Watch our panel of industry experts share steps your agency can take NOW to navigate the hard market!  

QQCatalyst Card

QQCatalyst is an agency management system that provides operational, marketing, and sales pipeline management tools. It enables agencies to strengthen customer relationships and ensure effective business management, so they can focus on their customers.

The SIAA QQCatalyst Professional Package includes:

  • Agency intelligence: Generate new leads with easy email marketing
  • Salesroom: Grow your sales pipeline
  • Employee productivity: Monitor productivity to increase efficiency
  • Client & policy management: Provide exceptional customer service & manage policies
  • Customizable dashboards: Gain critical insights in one glance
  • Guided workflows: ensure every team member is on the same page
  • Texting: Conveniently connect with customers
  • Email integration: Effortlessly send, receive, and store emails
  • Digital file management: Easily manage business-critical documents
  • Web-based platform: Get work done anytime, anywhere

Demo | Onboarding plans

Top reasons SIAA member agents purchase QQCatalyst

Watch this short video to see why many SIAA member agencies are turning to the QQCatalyst agency management system from Vertafore to meet their automation needs.

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PL Rating Card

PL Rating is a real-time, comparative rater that enables agents to close business quicker and grow their personal line business through cross-selling opportunities, multi-carrier quoting, consumer rate quoting, and easily quoting multiple personal lines.

  • Time-saving: 50% less time spent on quotes

  • Efficiency: reduce quoting from 10 minutes per carrier to 15 minutes for 10 carriers

  • Demand generation: agents say almost 50% of their leads come from CRQ

Demo Onboarding plans

Top reasons why SIAA member agents utilize PL Rating

Watch this short video to learn why PL Rating, with its ease of use, quote accuracy and large carrier inventory, is such a great fit for your agency.

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ReferenceConnect Card

ReferenceConnect is the industry’s only insurance knowledgebase that helps agencies grow and diversify their business by aggregating insurance policy coverage and risk profile information into one place - making you an agent of choice and a trusted advisor to your clients.

  • Time-saving: 60% less time needed to search for documents

  • Efficiency: 1 less E&O incident per year

  • Demand generation: 1% increase in new business and renewals

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Reasons why ReferenceConnect will help grow SIAA member agencies

Watch this short video to learn why ReferenceConnect will help your agency grow into new markets, save time, and win more business.

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AMS360 Card

AMS360 is our flagship agency management system. Do you need seamlessly integrated and comprehensive accounting capabilities? What about flexible and complete reporting? Are you planning to do a lot of complex commercial lines? AMS360 is the best management system solution for rapidly growing agencies.

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Technology’s role in the growth of your business 

John Fear joins Vertafore and SIAA National to share the importance of using your technology to its full advantage so your agency can continue to meet your clients’ expectations in a constantly evolving industry. 


How cross-selling increases overall net growth

If you’re not writing all available products for your clients, you may be missing out! Retain. Round. Referral. The Three R’s of Cross-Selling that will help to increase you agency’s net growth, hosted by John Fear!

Resources for SIAA agencies

Tools to help independent SIAA agencies grow their business

How it helps to have a fully integrated sales pipeline manager and email marketing tool.

The Newly Independent Agency’s Guide to Management Systems

How to choose a system that helps grow your agency.

Technology checklist when switching from captive to independent agency

This checklist includes the technology issues a captive agency will want to consider when converting to independent.