Andy Day

Andy Dey

Chief Technology Officer

The pace of innovation is simultaneously the fastest it's ever been and the slowest it will ever be. At Vertafore, we have a unique opportunity to lead the insurance industry through this age of innovation, at pace and at scale.

In any software firm, there are two core functions: developing the software and selling the software. I have spent time in many roles throughout my career, but my heart has always been in R&D. At Vertafore, I get to return to my passion, which is developing software that is delightful and impactful to our customers. I also believe that empathy is a crucial component of how we do things here. Taking time to truly understand our customers needs before jumping into solving a problem is what will make usand our solutionscompelling to our customers and their customers.

University of California, Berkley, MBA, Finance
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, MS, Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, B Tech, Manufacturing Science & Engineering
  • Global Head & Chief Business Officer – Edge Products, EdgeVerve
  • Senior Vice President, Concur
  • Managing Director, SAP Labs India
  • Director, Oracle