Trusted Insurance Alliance

An insurance software partner is more than a vendor. We are committed to helping TIA members have the right technology to grow your agency.

About Trusted Insurance Alliance

Trusted Insurance Alliance, LLC was created by two founding Rhode Island agencies to capitalize on the shared performance of its members. Participating member agencies are located in Rhode Island, vary in size, and all have a proven record of success.  The Trusted Insurance Alliance is committed to strengthening its members’ profitability by aggregating results while maintaining agency independence and individual ownership.

“Trusted Insurance Alliance, LLC is excited to partner with Vertafore as we believe them to be one of the top software solutions providers in our industry, offering a variety of services for agencies of various size and specialties.”   

Bob Loiselle, Managing Director

AMS360: Our flagship agency management system. Do you need seamlessly integrated and comprehensive accounting capabilities? What about flexible and complete reporting? Are you planning to do a lot of complex commercial lines? AMS360 is the best management system solution for rapidly growing agencies.

AMS360 card Image

QQCatalyst: Newly independent agencies need to focus on sales growth and need efficient tools so they can spend time with customers. QQCatalyst gives you flexibility with a customizable dashboard, a quick set up, and an intuitive design. It offers sales pipeline and email marketing capabilities to help you grow. It's also simple and easy to use while still being complete. This solution helps you manage your agency from anywhere with secure, cloud-based technology.

PL Rating: is a real-time, comparative rater that enables agents to close business quicker and grow their personal line business through cross-selling opportunities, multi-carrier quoting, consumer rate quoting, and easily quoting multiple personal lines. 

  • Time-saving: 50% less time spent on quotes 

  • Efficiency: reduce quoting from 10 minutes per carrier to 15 minutes for 10 carriers 

  • Demand generation: agents say almost 50% of their leads come from CRQ