Dan Kolakowski

Manager, Regulatory Compliance

Dan Kolakowski
The regulatory world is constantly changing and evolving, and the industry needs to adapt to that. Being able to work closely with state regulators and carriers, agencies, and licensees to figure out how all the pieces should fit together and building software solutions around that has been a great experience.

Dan's entire professional career has been in insurance and financial technology. Before joining Vertafore, he worked for an insurance technology company focused on commercial insurance building underwriting/risk analysis platforms and policy/program benchmarking analytics. He joined Vertafore's Product Management department in 2012 and over the course of nine years took on the role of Senior Product Owner, working on software solutions for insurance carriers, agencies, individual agents, securities firms, and state departments of insurance. Most of his time was dedicated to helping build software solutions for the state departments of insurance, as well as how the industry can process different kinds of regulatory transactions so agents can sell, solicit, and negotiate business while adhering to different state laws and standards.

His experience working with insurance transactions and regulators at different state departments provided exposure to the complex world of legislative and regulatory changes and how that impacts the ways insurance carriers, agencies, and licensees need to conduct business and transact certain information to the states to be in good order. Toward the end of the 2020, Dan took on the responsibilities of managing Vertafore's Regulatory and Compliance Services team. This team ensures that Vertafore's software solutions are up to date with the most recent legislative and regulatory changes to ensure customers are compliant and in good order in the states they conduct business. The team also produces a library of regulatory content that distills the licensing requirements across all states into easy-to-read formats and provides weekly bulletins of upcoming regulatory changes that customers should be aware of. They constantly have their ears to the ground to track upcoming changes and ensure those updates are made so there is no business interruption to customers.

In addition to managing the Regulatory and Compliance Services team, Dan leads an internal cross-functional Regulatory Operations team that monitors upcoming regulatory changes to determine the impact to customers so Vertafore can proactively begin outreach campaigns and address any questions and concerns.

Outside of Vertafore, Dan holds an Associate designation with the Securities & Insurance Licensing Association (SILA).

Other Memberships

  • SILA Adjuster Licensing, Education & Training, and Surplus Lines Subgroups
  • NAIC Producer Licensing and Uniform Educations working groups
  • IRI's Standard of Conduct Task Force and Reg BI Implementation Working Group
  • Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board

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