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The Vertafore MGA ecosystem

Our solutions work together seamlessly to meet your unique MGA needs.

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U.S. Risk leverages many parts of Vertafore’s MGA ecosystem to streamline processes, improve consistencies, and enhance efficiency.

“When we make it easy for an agency to do business with us, they’re more likely to write their business through us instead of our competitors.” –Carole Hardy, Director of Business Applications US Risk, LLC

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2021 Virtual MGA Roundtable

Interested in growing your business, providing an excellent digital agent experience, and connecting your technology stack? Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to unlock growth with MGA solutions. Rick Fox and our panel of industry experts shed light on how best to navigate a modern MGA landscape and ensure your business is set up for success.

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Manage my whole business

The foundational management system for MGAs and MGUs.

Gain visibility & enhance workflows

The content and workflow tool that improves productivity.

Leverage certified partners

Complementary solutions brought together for best-in-class capabilities.

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