Sircon for Carriers

Reduce compliance risk, save money, and accelerate time-to-revenue by getting and keeping agents authorized to sell.
Credentialing & Compliance
Sircon for Carriers

Automated credential management solutions

With so much agent data to manage — often spread across many systems and multiple geographies — it's an ongoing challenge to maintain accurate records and ensure that your agents are always authorized to sell.

From agent onboarding and contracting, to ongoing licensing, appointing, and relationship management, Sircon has you covered.

  • Core Transactions and Services

    Regulatory Expertise to help you understand the complex web of compliance rules.

    Online Licensing Transactions in all US jurisdictions with a streamlined data collection interview.

    Friendly Billing options so you pay state fees monthly and can reconcile costs across your business.

  • Credential and Relationship Management

    Accurate Producer Records synchronizes with data from the National Producer Database (PDB) and other trusted data sources, ensuring that your information is always up-to-date and matches what the state regulators have on file.

    Real-time Producer Authorization Status determines which producers are authorized to sell your products based on product type, state, underwriting company, and sales event.

  • Systems Automation

    Producer Authorizations Requests allow you to receive a simple yes or no answer to the question: "Is this producer authorized to sell?" Then compliance automation turns a "no" into a "yes", including integrated just-in-time support.

    Producer Data Access Integration provides your internal systems with the information they need to make business decisions without re-keying from your staff.

  • Distribution Channel Connections

    Connect to Your Channel so that everyone involved knows who can sell what products.

    Compliance Workflow Automation makes life easy for your distribution partners with simple to use multi-party compliance workflows that help you get producers selling fast and keep them selling seamlessly.

Improve your producer management initiative and see how it stacks up to your peers.

"The agent is on the street selling business right away. We don't have that delay where this agent can't sell because he's not appointed with the company, we're missing something — He can focus on selling — and we're not sitting there waiting [while] he loses interest in our company."

Donna Robinson
Manager, Licensing & Commissions,
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

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