Sircon Compensation

Customize your compensation to be a carrier of choice.

Better manage your commission and incentive programs

  • Be a carrier of choice
  • 360° view of agent compensation
  • Flexible, robust incentives
  • Fast, accurate compensation
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Why Sircon Compensation?

Centralized commissions management
A customizable experience with flexible architecture, helpful dashboards, defined payout rules, and more.

Flexible incentives for better business
User-defined performance measures, a variety of programs, qualification gates, and approval workflows.

Modern profit sharing
Update your profit sharing programs and encourage sales and retention of your most profitable products.

"[Sircon Compensation] has enabled us to examine every broker compensation arrangement in place, identifying out-of-date incentive programs and recognizing cases where broker commissions were not leveraging the desired business result."

Large Northeast U.S. Health Provider

A compliance, distribution, & agent experience forecast with SILA & Vertafore experts

2024 promises significant changes that will impact insurance compliance and distribution. Our latest Running Start webinar investigates these shifts—and emerging opportunities—so insurance professionals can gain a competitive edge in an ever-changing market.

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It's a win for everyone

Sircon Compensation empowers carriers to create producer commission and incentive programs that drive growth while streamlining compensation

Hierarchy management

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Book of business management

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Commission payment automation

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You know that the right agent compensation and incentive programs are essential to your growth strategy. Sircon Compensation enables carriers to design and manage compensation plans that will encourage producers to sell and renew your most profitable products.

With a high-performance calculation engine that can simultaneously manage a large volume of agents, commission schedules, transactions, and bonus programs, Sircon Compensation gives you the tools to modernize your profit sharing.

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Sircon Compensation helps carriers manage agency and producer compensation
Sircon for carriers provides a comprehensive approach to distribution management

Sircon Compensation is part of the Sircon for Carriers portfolio of solutions, designed to help you better manage your distribution channel and become a carrier of choice for your independent agencies.

Along with Producer Central and Onboarding & Self-Service, Sircon for Carriers is an end-to-end solution providing a comprehensive distribution management system with a 360° view of your agents. Sircon for Carriers delivers revenue growth, operational efficiency, staff effectiveness, and reduced compliance risk.

Learn how Sircon Compensation can transform your business

Sircon Compensation Data Sheet

How to optimize your compensation strategy with Sircon Compensation

From Pandemonium to Perfection

The journey of how four carriers transformed their distribution management process.

Sircon for Carriers Integration Guide

An overview of the integration points that move carrier data in and out of Sircon for Carriers.