Top 3 ways MGAs can use enterprise content management

Top 3 ways MGAs can use enterprise content management

Information is the key to business and these days, there’s more information than ever for MGAs to track. From stacks of paper files, an inbox full of PDFs, and full computer servers, you’ve got a lot of documents on your hands.  

Enterprise content management (ECM) is all about taking your paper files, PDFs, ACORD forms, images, and more and making them easily accessible so the information you need is always at your fingertips. 

With ECM, you can: 

  • Transition from paper to electronic documents 
  • Empower employees with role-specific content 
  • Eliminate workflow-via-email to improve productivity 
  • Reduce potentially disastrous risks and E&O exposure 
  • Provide exceptional service to your retail agent partners 

Here are the top three ways MGAs are using ECM to their advantage:

1. Support your staff at every level of the business

Done right, content management benefits all employees across your organization’s critical functions. Every role within every department is unique, with nuances that require specific sets of information. ECM is a great way to ensure employees have easy access to the content they need, while restricting access to the information they don’t.

When your ECM has built-in MGA best-practice workflows, you can align staff with their areas of expertise to increase efficiency and accuracy across your business. Simply put: you get the right work, to the right person, at the right time.

2. Provide the service your customers deserve

Today’s customers expect things to work fast and work well. Insurance is no exception. More and more MGAs are adopting content management and workflow solutions so they can provide immediate answers to customer questions and fast turnaround on customer requests.  

Focus on the work that matters by using an ECM that identifies the type of work arriving at your business and prioritizes tasks accordingly, including highlighting requests from top customers. ECM solutions designed for our industry naturally organize information in a way that is intuitive for insurance professionals, so staff spends less time searching for documents and more time servicing customers.

3. Standardize processes to drive transparency, consistency, and innovation

Standardization is truly an indispensable tool for MGAs (and an often-underappreciated driver of value!).

Implementing an ECM often prompts MGAs to re-evaluate their current processes and standardize workflows that leverage the expertise on their teams through things like role-based task assignment. This consistency improves both quality and team productivity, while making it easier to get new team members up to speed.

These tools also provide increased oversight into operations, so management can see what work is on the floor, identify potential bottlenecks, manage workloads, and measure turnaround time/SLAs – both in the office and remotely. This transparency also enables the continuous improvement of MGA workflows, as patterns emerge.

When you need to accomplish a variety of business needs—especially those related to internal content and workflow processes—implementing a comprehensive management solution can help do the heavy lifting. Vertafore offers a complete ecosystem of solutions and partners that is designed to scale with you as your needs change and grow over time.  

Schedule a personalized demo today to see how Vertafore’s ECM solutions can help you improve processes, reduce turnaround times, deliver consistent customer experiences, and grow your business efficiently.