Vertafore Unveils New InsurTech Solutions Proven to Help Insurance Agencies Modernize and Boost Profitable Revenue

Summer of Accelerate Kickoff attendees get first look at features and products built on Vertafore’s exclusive new Titan Technology

DENVER (June 9, 2020)—To help thousands of independent insurance agencies modernize and grow their business, Vertafore today unveiled a slate of new tools, features and products to automate and simplify insurance. The new enhancements are built on Vertafore’s groundbreaking Titan™ technology, which has empowered the company to deliver 50% more features year-over-year.

Vertafore announced the new offerings during its virtual Summer of Accelerate Kickoff as part of its roadmap to enable agency modernizing through four key areas: client digital experience, agency management, market connectivity and data insights. Data from Vertafore’s customers shows that agencies that invest in these areas can see nearly three times the profitable revenue growth compared to industry averages.

Delivering the Modernizing the Agency vision through rapid product innovation

Vertafore’s Modernizing the Agency approach helps independent agencies leverage a comprehensive strategy rather than simply buying and deploying ad hoc software. With a holistic strategy, agencies can trust that the digital tools they choose will not only integrate seamlessly and simplify workflows but also deliver the productivity, customer satisfaction and business gains they need to be more competitive.

Vertafore is unveiling a host of new solutions and enhancements in the four key areas shown to most help agencies thrive, including:

  • Client digital experience: Payment processing for InsurLink™, available later this summer. InsurLink equips independent agents to offer a branded, integrated self-service portal for their end-insured. Just launched in March, InsurLink has already received industry accolades and the new features illustrate Vertafore’s ability to deliver products and enhancements faster than ever before. Agencies that leverage a client engagement platform are renewing customers at up to 5% points higher than those that do not.
  • Agency management:
    • AMS360 Connect™, available now, and Sagitta Connect™, coming later this summer, to integrate Vertafore’s management systems with leading CRM solutions;
    • AMS360 Mobile™ to allow agents to use AMS360® on-the-go;
    • Trust Account Management and more than 20 AMS360 enhancements in accounting, administration, ACORD, customer and policy, and workflow, coming later this summer with AMS360 20R1. ​Improving end-to-end automation and real-time data synchronization saves time, money and effort for both agents and the end-insured;
    • Sagitta™ enhancements in servicing and accounting workflows with the Sagitta 20R1 release; 
    • QQCatalyst™ enhancements in performance and servicing workflows. 
  • Market connectivity:
    • Commercial Submissions, the industry’s first AMS-integrated, real-time, end-to-end solution to automate commercial line submissions, coming this fall;
    • AIM™ integration with TransactNOW® for MGAs and Sircon for Agencies™ to enable real-time market connectivity.
  • Data and insights: RiskMatch For Benefits® with benefits benchmarking, providing the industry’s first real-time data platform as a service; and coming later this year, RiskMatch® Retention Prediction, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help agencies spot at-risk renewals.

A new approach to InsurTech: Vertafore’s Titan technology

These major product updates are just a handful of the 1,000+ new features Vertafore plans to roll out this year, many built upon the company’s groundbreaking Titan technology platform. The InsurTech industry’s first truly open platform, Titan forms the backbone of the Vertafore solution suite, powering faster innovation, smoother integration and higher quality feature deployment.

“Over the past year, we’ve turned out more value-added features than ever before, and you can expect that rapid innovation to continue, thanks to Titan,” said Chad Hawkinson, Vertafore’s chief products and data officer. “We’ve invested two years in building this open platform that now allows us to offer more capabilities faster, and with a more modern, mobile-first user experience.”

Titan provides an open architecture for development and integration that not only allows Vertafore to deploy its own new products and features rapidly, but also integrate seamlessly with third-party solutions and other InsurTech tools. Built with bank-level security and data encryption, Titan is designed for real-time data interface and synchronization that empowers independent agencies to finally unlock and leverage their data, reduce redundancies, delight their customers and accelerate agency growth.

Summer of Accelerate

To date, approximately 5,000 insurance professionals have registered for Vertafore’s kickoff event and the Summer of Accelerate, powered by NetVU. During the kickoff and throughout the summer, Vertafore and NetVU will offer more than 100 sessions where participants can learn from Vertafore InsurTech experts and NetVU volunteer instructors about how get the most from their existing solutions, engage their clients, empower their employees, and simplify and automate their processes—all with the goal of creating substantial, sustained business growth.

Learn more about Vertafore’s new agency modernization features.

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