BEVCO's digital leap with QQCatalyst: boosting premiums by $250k through efficiency

How QQCatalyst and Vertafore's Orange Partner Program set this agency up for success. 

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Company snapshot

BEVCO Insurance, in Lugoff, South Carolina, takes pride in being the insurance agency that cares for its clients— providing homeowners, auto, and life insurance in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Since owner Beverly Scott took over, the agency has transitioned from operating out of filing cabinets to utilizing a modern management system that enables growth, retention, and success for the agency.

Easy to use and accessible

When Beverly Scott purchased the book of business for BEVCO insurance, she and COO /Vice President Teresa Fuller were tasked with replacing filing cabinets and mounds of paper with a management system. Both were instantly drawn to QQCatalyst for its ease of use and adaptable interface. Coming from a background in software, Teresa knew she wanted a system that allowed her to focus on insurance instead of technology.

QQCatalyst changed the way BEVCO does business by streamlining daily processes and consolidating information into a single platform. This past year, QQCatalyst allowed employees to work remotely throughout the pandemic. Accessing files online enabled the team to continue with business as usual.

Because of QQCatalyst, we have the flexibility to keep churning out quotes, selling policies, and working seamlessly from any location. And with the integrations available, we have been able to use mobile applications, working as if we were in the office. All of these systems in place have made all the difference in the world.”
– Beverly Scott
   Agency Owner, BEVCO Insurance

In the insurance industry, there has been a dramatic shift to remote work. To adjust to this new norm, agencies need a management system that allows employees to work remotely. QQCatalyst enables professionals to service clients from any location while maintaining consistent employee productivity. By using QQCatalyst, BEVCO Insurance has the confidence that the business will continue to succeed despite interruptions.

Set for success

Vertafore solutions

Proven results

  • Eliminates paper files and filing cabinets
  • Standardizes processes, allowing for more time to spend with clients
  • Increases efficiency utilizing the Vertafore Orange Partner Program

“Before, we used to have reams and reams of paper because we printed everything out. Now we save everything as files, we attach it into QQCatalyst, and we can send everything to DocuSign through the system.”

– Beverly Scott

Free up time to spend with clients

Independent agencies need to focus on what matters most: selling to and servicing clients. QQCatalyst saves time by automating daily processes and creating efficiencies. With its integration capabilities, employees can communicate with clients using texting and email automation features while also recording necessary information. QQCatalyst also directly integrates with DocuSign, enabling employees to send and consolidate files for signatures.

These capabilities have allowed Beverly and her team to focus creating a positive client experience. Since implementing QQCatalyst, the agency has grown around $250,000 in premiums, which they attribute to the amount of time QQCatalyst has returned to them.

Workflow before QQCatalyst

  1. Client requests policy information
  2. Employee initiates the inquiry process
  3. Employee rummages through file cabinets looking for the client's file
  4. Employee finally locates the file and then responds to the client's inquiries

TOTAL TIME: 3-5 days to complete the entire workflow for new policies, renewals, or endorsements

Workflow after QQCatalyst

  1. Client makes an inquiry
  2. Employee looks up the client in QQCatalyst
  3. QQCatalyst displays a snapshot of client policies, limits, etc.
  4. Employee runs the policy and cross-sells or up-sells the client instantly

TOTAL TIME: Minutes to complete the entire workflow for new policies, renewals, or endorsements

Orange Partner Program

Vertafore’s Orange Partner Program allows customers to combine complementary solutions with the best-in-class Vertafore suite of products. By integrating with available APIs, customers can take customize their technology to suit their agency's specific needs.

BEVCO Insurance utilizes Vertafore’s Orange Partners to automate client communications. By integrating with DocuSign, the team serves their clients by automating agreement preparation and management. For CRM capabilities, BEVCO utilizes Bridge to quickly communicate with clients while also automating time-consuming tasks. During the pandemic, Bridge allowed Beverly and her team to operate remotely utilizing the phone app while continuing to keep their business running as normal.


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As the Insurance industry evolves and customer expectations change, the key to remaining relevant and profitable lies with modern technology. QQCatalyst automates an independent agency's workflows and daily processes so agents have more time to service their clients and grow their book of business.

Vertafore is your partner and guide through this evolving landscape. Please reach out to us so we can help you drive growth for your business.

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