Entrekin Insurance triples sales premiums and boosts customer retention with QQCatalyst and the Vertafore Orange Partner Program

Entrekin Insurance has tripled its sales premiums and dramatically improved retention and net promoter scores by utilizing Vertafore's QQCatalyst and Orange Partner Program. 

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Company snapshot

Entrekin Insurance was founded May 1, 2019, in the coastal Mississippi town of D’lberville. What started as a one-person operation has grown into a successful business that prides itself on being the hometown insurance agency the community can count on.

Growing up, Jody Entrekin didn’t know anything about insurance. There was limited education available—neither his family nor anyone he knew understood home or auto insurance.

When Hurricane Katrina hit the state of Mississippi in 2005, Jody was a first-time homeowner without sufficient insurance coverage. He lost everything except the clothes on his back.

“I learned my lesson about insurance the hard way. I went to an agent and just got whatever they told me I needed. No one took the opportunity to sit down and explain it to me. And when I learned the lesson the hard way, I was very angry.”
– Jody Entrekin, Owner/CEO

From this tragedy arose a desire to ensure that no one in his community would experience the same kind of loss due to inadequate coverage. He changed careers and started Entrekin Insurance, an independent agency founded on one goal: to provide quality insurance products and educate clients about the complexities of insurance so they can make smart insurance decisions for themselves.

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Proven results

Retention Rate:

  • Entrekin Insurance: 98.7%
  • Industry average: 83%

NPS Score average:

  • Entrekin Insurance: 99
  • Industry average: +32

Not only does technology help with the agency's marketing efforts, but it also provides the time to focus on educating clients, who are often faced with a difficult decision—choose a policy that meets their needs or a policy that meets their budget. The Entrekin Insurance team prides itself on teaching about prices, deductibles, and trends so clients can be comfortable making informed decisions. QQCatalyst's automation for administrative tasks allows this three-person agency the opportunity to provide this higher level of care.

There's no way I have the time to focus on advertising and marketing my agency. I let the products do that for me.”
– Jody Entrekin

Automated, easy to use, & scalable

QQCatalyst is an agency management system that provides operational, marketing, and sales pipeline management tools. It enables agencies to strengthen customer relationships and ensure effective business management so they can focus on growing their book of business.

It provides Entrekin Insurance the opportunity to connect with clients and grow its business. With three full-time employees, the agency requires a system that provides client management and service, sales and marketing automation, and robust integrations with other technology solutions. With QQCatalyst, Jody and his team can forget time-consuming processes and manual workflows and turn to building genuine client connections, providing education, and focusing on agency growth.

Entrekin Insurance started with one agent and zero advertising. Within a year of opening, the agency has had more than $500,000 in sales. "I have to utilize what Vertafore has given me the opportunity to utilize. My advertising comes from Vertafore partners and my management system.”


"Within the first year, Entrekin's sales premiums were already impressive, and have now tripled. This yields a nearly 180% growth rate to date."
– Jody Entrekin

Best-in-class complementary solutions

Vertafore Orange Partner Program

The Vertafore Orange Partner Program provides open access and integrations using available APIs that bring best-in-class capabilities to our suite of products. Jody has been able to increase revenue and client retention and communications by utilizing Agency Revolution’s marketing automation platform, Fuse. He also provides a modern interface through the Insurance Agent App, an integration that allows clients to engage with the agency where and when they want. Entrekin Insurance maintains continuous contact with its clients—from sending birthday text messages to customized emails explaining new policies—building a foundation of trust and reliability. 

After a hurricane, an Entrekin Insurance client was able to submit pictures and other important information regarding property damage directly through the Insurance Agent App. Jody and his team were then able to send the information directly to their carriers in a timely and secure manner, resulting in their client getting paid faster. With these easy-to-use integrations, Entrekin Insurance can stay up-to-speed in servicing their customers, ensuring they are providing the best client experience. 

Entrekin Insurance’s focus on providing excellent service and education sets it apart from other agencies in the area.


"That's what makes us different here... it's the compassion.”
– Jody Entrekin

As the Insurance industry evolves and client expectations change, the key to remaining relevant and profitable lies in embracing modern technology. QQCatalyst enables agency customers to build stronger relationships and grow their book of business by simplifying client and policy management and automating daily processes.

Vertafore is here to be your partner and guide you through this evolving landscape. Contact us to learn more about how Vertafore can help you drive growth for your business.

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