Harbor Brenn Insurance delivers superior service by combining innovative technology and a personal touch

InsurTech revolutionary: How Ashley Decarteret at Harbor Brenn Insurance Agencies is pioneering change with Vertafore solutions

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In the dynamic landscape of insurance, Harbor Brenn Insurance Agencies highlight how the combination of empathy and Vertafore solutions enables independent agencies to build meaningful relationships while maintaining efficiency.

Meet Ashley Decarteret

Today’s rapid pace of the insurance world demands adaptability and innovation. Cue Ashley Decarteret, the dynamic agent & owner of Harbor Brenn Insurance Agencies. With Vertafore’s cutting-edge solutions at her side, Ashley’s journey reveals a perfect blend of digital agility and human touch.

How Harbor Brenn Agencies' fusion of heart and Vertafore technology are driving growth

Since its inception in 1977, Harbor Brenn Insurance Agencies has been Petoskey, Michigan’s steadfast ally, consistently delivering reliable service. “Our community is our lifeline, and the bond we share with them is immeasurable,” Ashley explains. “When we say we are here for them during their worst days, we mean it wholeheartedly.”  

But in an era brimming with data and with personal lines customers numbering in the thousands, how does an agency preserve that heart-to-heart connection? Ashley’s answer: a mix of tech and empathy. “Balancing automation with a personal touch is crucial. Vertafore’s solutions have enabled us to be there for our customers in their times of need without overwhelming our resources.”  

Dynamic solutions, real results  

Every day, an independent insurance agency juggles a myriad of conversations. From joyous life milestones to unexpected hitches, agents are on their toes, ensuring no client detail goes unnoticed. “While interactions form the heart of our work, efficient tracking and documentation are its backbone,” Ashley explains. “Without a system like AMS360, managing it would be a colossal challenge.”  

Ashley explains how AMS360’s features, such as quick NAVs, have become indispensable tools: “These quick navigation features have been a game-changer.” Employees can swiftly access what they need without stumbling through intricate workflows. These features ensure that the agency has a smooth process even in turbulent waters. 

Driving revenue with automation   

With Vertafore’s’ integrated solutions, Harbor Brenn can successfully cater to thousands of personal lines clients. “The technology we have in place lets us be personal and proactive without having to do a lot of backend work,” said Ashley.   

Highlighting its impact, Ashley shares a win: The success of an automated renewal review process using AMS360 and Vertafore Client Communications. Clients receive a friendly email reminder 45 days before their P&C policy renewal, complete with a link to update new or changed coverage needs.    

This proactive approach not only streamlines operations but also bolsters revenue. “We’ve got a 42% open rate and a very high response rate on these emails,” Ashley beams. “We’ve sold a zillion umbrella policies this year because of this process. We’re simply having coverage conversations with our clients that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.” 

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About Harbor Brenn Insurance Agencies

Since its founding in 1977, Harbor Brenn Insurance Agencies, based in Petoskey, Michigan, have provided exceptional, personalized services to thousands of personal lines clients with the ultimate goal of turning insurance into what it always should be — easy. You won’t find any suits, fancy talk, or jargon, at this agency. Only local, friendly people who are dedicated to their clients.

Number of employees: 19
Vertafore customer since 1997

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Big picture, brighter future  

In today’s shifting industry terrain, staying grounded while scaling the agency is challenging. Yet, as Ashley attests, the right InsurTech can be a game-changer, even through market uncertainty. Vertafore’s comprehensive solutions equip agencies to manage accounts holistically, delivering a tailored client experience.   

During trying times, the trust Harbor Brenn has fostered with its clientele is evident. Ashley remarks, “With the pandemic and supply chain issues causing insurance premiums to start increasing. I’m really proud of my customers who are not leaving, and I’m also really happy with the systems we have in place that allow us to reach out to them proactively.” These initiatives, be it blog posts or personalized messages, are all about ensuring that clients are never in the dark. And with Vertafore, the agency can consistently deliver on that promise.

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