Oyer, Macoviak and Associates

Even in a complex insurance market like Florida, Oyer, Macoviak and Associates remains focused on simplifying workflows and targeting the right products to their customers through their API integration with AMS360.

Boynton Beach, Florida
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Established in 1953, Oyer, Macoviak and Associates is the oldest independent insurance agency in Boynton Beach, Florida and one of the largest. Always innovating, this full-service agency is at the forefront of using API integration with AMS360 to maximize efficiencies and increase profitability.


Oyer, Macoviak and Associates is a full-service, family-run insurance agency serving the residents of South Florida’s Boynton Beach and surrounding areas. They offer home, auto, and business insurance as well as some more specialized products that appeal to a local customer base, including classic car insurance and flood insurance. Established in 1953, they are among the area’s largest independent insurance agencies and they have built a culture of innovation that allows them to stay nimble.

Company President Rob Macoviak has a background in accounting but began his career in marketing for technology giant IBM. Now he’s going on 24 years in the insurance industry

Last year, we grew 16% and didn’t add an employee. This year, we’re up 26% and not going to add an employee. That’s what this technology does. ”

– Rob Macoviak
  President, Oyer, Macoviak and Associates

Vertafore solutions

Proven results

  • 26% annual growth without hiring additional staff
  • Standardized workflows to eliminate data inconsistency and process inefficiency
  • Established little to no paperwork for claims processing
  • Used APIs to improve visibility into the customer experience

Using APIs and AMS360 to automate processes

Oyer, Macoviak and Associates president and employee

Early in 2017, Macoviak began looking at Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) — snippets of code that allow software applications to share a common language and data — for automating office processes. Initially he wanted an API to use for customer marketing purposes like mailing postcards and letters to clients and prospects. Taking that one step, he estimates, “saved about 15 hours a week,” and from that point on, he was hooked on the concept of APIs for automating routine, yet essential agency tasks.

At the same time, with a little nudge from his wife and agency vice president, Christian, Macoviak began the process of evaluating agency management systems that would easily integrate with their APIs to deliver efficiencies across the board. Or as his wife says, “You did it for marketing, can you do it for the rest of the office?”

Macoviak looked at several different offerings before deciding on Vertafore’s AMS360. According to Macoviak, “We started looking at other agency management systems, and we looked at all of them. I mean literally.”

But Macoviak kept coming back to the powerful APIs he was using and which agency management system would work best from a technology perspective. Vertafore’s open platform allows for seamless integration with APIs. For Oyer, Macoviak and Associates, AMS360 provided the functionality they needed with easy API integration — APIs they knew were helping them make substantial improvements.

Better profitability and sustained growth

AMS360 is helping this agency save an hour per day, per employee, on manual processes, producing significant upside for Macoviak and his team. “Last year, we grew 16% and didn’t add an employee. This year, we’re up 26% and not going to add an employee. That’s what this technology does… Our profit is way over 30% and that’s the whole theory of automation.”

Their workflows are completely streamlined now using AMS360, with real-time access to all the essential data they need to quickly help their customers through transactions.

AMS360 is superior, for the CSR to see everything, to see all the different activities, to see the documents, to see the policies. It’s like a call center for agents, but it does all the work for them at the same time.

Macoviak’s staff has seen dramatic time savings since implementing AMS360. “If that auto change took us 20 minutes, now it takes us two minutes,” explains Macoviak. “If we take a claim, the actual overall paperwork is little or nothing because we’re directly integrating the claims right into the company’s website and putting that information in, so the claim’s almost immediately getting reported.” Now everything is tied together through AMS360.

Workflow before AMS360

Total time: 30 minutes

CSRs manually processed policy changes in 30 minutes or more

CRS manual process graphic
  • 1. CSRs take new car information down on a piece of paper.


    Paper graphic

  • 2. Another customer call comes in that needs to be addressed.


    Phone graphic

  • 3. CSR returns to the rating system, then manually enters new data into the carrier’s system.

    typing graphic

  • 4. CSR keys in data to finish the endorsement, while customer has been waiting for 30 minutes.

    Waiting graphic

Workflow after AMS360

Total time: 30 seconds

CSRs use automated forms complete policy changes in seconds

Phone and email graphic
  • 1. Customer call initiates a pop-up form with autopopulated fields.

    Customer call imitates a pop up icon

  • 2. Integrated AMS360 system also opens up to speed transaction.


    AMS360 integration icon

  • 3. AMS360 prompts agent to ask the right questions, integrates with carrier.


    Right idea icon

  • 4. New auto ID cards and policy changes are emailed to the customer within 30 seconds.

    Email icon