Vertafore All Stars Program

50 Years, 50 Voices
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In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, we’re launching the Vertafore All Stars program. We firmly believe that your success is the greatest measure of our success, so we want you to share your stories of how your business, your career, or your customers have been impacted by our products, solutions, services, or people - at any point over the past 50 years.

With your help, we’ll showcase your story using video, audio, photos, infographics, and more! Our creative team will reach out to get more details and discuss which format would work best for your story.

    Why participate?

    • Help us commemorate 50 years by showcasing (at least) 50 stories of your success
    • We’ll tell your story, in your own words, to the entire Vertafore community
    • You’ll receive a copy of the finished piece to use on your own website, or however you like
    • Participants will also get a special “Vertafore All-Stars” 50th anniversary badge graphic to display on your website, social media, and more

    Ready to be a Vertafore All Star? Click the button to fill out a quick form with your information.

    Need a little inspiration? Here are the types of stories we’re hoping to hear:

    A significant impact you made for your business:

    Did you help implement something game-changing for your organization?  Did you leverage one of our solutions to help grow revenue, increase customer retention, reduce employee turnover, or make your team more profitable and efficient?

    A career opportunity you have created for yourself: 

    We often hear that being connected through the community of Vertafore users presents professional development opportunities for many of you. Have you made life-changing connections through your local NetVU chapter, or maybe your expertise in a Vertafore solution lead you to your next big job move?  Have you grown as a leader by mentoring others or sharing your experience?  Have you gained knowledge from a fellow user that allowed you to provide more value to your own team?

    A moment when you delivered on your promise to your customer:

    Maybe you used data and analytics to uncover a hidden risk exposure and protect your customer against an unforeseen loss. Or maybe your Vertafore solution allowed you to keep up with claim volume during a natural disaster to get your insureds paid quickly and help them recover their lives?  Tell us about a time when you were there for your customers.

    Don’t let these examples limit you! We want to hear anything you’d like to share with us.

    Keep your eyes on this page for a growing showcase of our Vertafore All Stars!

    Meet the All Stars

    Bryan Bernier

    Melissa Bond

    Nikki Toon

    Janet Tuttle

    Luis Ortega

    Chip Thompson

    Liz Rodriguez

    Oliver Connor

    Cynthia Scott

    Maria Vila

    Maribel Meite

    Al Mendez

    Abraham Estevez

    Amy Nicholas

    Cathy Biby

    Devin Delatorre

    Jim Armitage

    Mark Stolly

    Brenda Wallace

    Jessica Jeffress

    Alexander Dopazo

    Lissette Perez

    Tamara Storch

    Amy Pender

    Joyce Sigler

    Jennifer Urmston

    George Reese

    Joe Clabaugh

    Eric Wistrand

    Dario Battista

    Chris Sylvester

    Tony Fronza

    Kate O'Toole

    Kim Meyers

    Angela Adams

    Keith Savino

    Barry Sanders

    Cathy Hall

    Rob Macoviak

    Anna Whitmire

    Angela Minutaglio

    Brad Booth

    Jenny Petersen

    Kristine Karlsson

    Danielle Marquis

    Kevin Wheeler

    Brad Ruben

    Jerry Fox

    Asa Pike

    Shana Roggeveen

    Dean Giem