Cassidy Smirnow

Chief Revenue Officer

"We want our customers to love us. Even if we make mistakes—and we will—the way we treat our customers from start to finish shows them they are valued and that’s a mission that everyone in the company can rally behind."

Having spent her entire career in the software business, Cassidy knows the vital importance of leveraging the customer’s voice to drive innovation and exceptional service delivery. With a proven track record of improving customer retention and enabling teams to provide best-in-class customer experiences, Cassidy’s passion is around building customer-first cultures that transform businesses.

Prior to joining Vertafore, she spent five years at Four Winds Interactive as VP and Senior VP of Operations and Chief Customer Officer. Previously, she served 10 years at ACS, a Xerox Company, as VP of Business Development and IT and Finance. She earned a BS in Geology from James Madison University. 

Cassidy’s 5 Fast Facts

1. What do you love most about your role at Vertafore?

The great people I get to work with every day, including our customers and the Vertafore team. I’ve been on the delivery and support side of software my entire career, and I’ve never experienced a customer base as passionate, kind, caring, and helpful as our Vertafore customers. I think that comes from being in a relationship-based business, and it’s been my very favorite part about joining Vertafore. 

2. How did you get into the InsurTech business?

Vertafore is my first venture into InsurTech, and I couldn’t have picked a better place to start.

3. What are you most excited about for the future of InsurTech?

There is such a focus right now around the customer experience. Our customers see the opportunity to differentiate based on service, and that includes creating more personalized, self-help experiences for customers, making it easier to do business with them by generating quotes and processing applications faster, and making sure they are spending more time with customers rather than on back office operations. InsurTech in general will play a huge part in enabling this future.

4. What’s your idea of the perfect weekend?

Doing anything outside, any time of year! I measure my personal success in a year based on the number of nights I sleep on the ground exploring the outdoors. That includes skiing, snow shoeing, camping, backpacking, biking, rafting, hiking, running, and paddle boarding – anything you can outside! 

5. I’m coming to visit you! What are your favorite/must-do things in your city?

See above! If the mountains aren’t calling your name, check out the live music scene in Denver. We have more music venues than Nashville, and some great bands call Denver home.

James Madison University, Geology
  • Chief Customer Officer, Vertafore
  • Chief Customer Officer, Four Winds Interactive
  • VP, Business Development, Scanning and Capture, ACS, A Xerox Company
  • VP, IT and Finance Administration, ACS, A Xerox Company