We put experienced insurance industry talent at your fingertips.

Our partnership

WAHVE puts experience to work! Finding the right talent is a time-consuming, often frustrating process. Fortunately, we have pretiring experts with decades of experience who are ready to fill your staffing needs for less than you’d expect. Matching the right expert talent to fit your staffing requirements is what we do better than anyone.

In addition to assisting you in filling part-time and full-time staffing needs, WAHVE can also help:

  • Save costs on hiring, training, managing, overhead & turnover

  • Generate operational efficiencies & drive growth

  • Maintain a high level of customer service


Work At Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE) is an innovative contract talent solution that matches retiring, experienced insurance, career professionals with a company’s talent needs. WAHVE bridges the gap between an employer’s need for highly skilled professional talent and seasoned professionals desiring to extend their career working from home. From screening to placement, WAHVE is a comprehensive solution to qualifying, hiring, and managing experienced remote talent.

Our WAHVE professionals are:
  • Highly trained with 25+ years of industry experience
  • Tech savvy and ready to go with minimal training
  • Highly productive with a great work ethic
  • Available for long- or short-term positions
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“Our WAHVE is professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. She is an asset to our accounting team and works well with our outside accountants. Having a remote worker has worked well for us.”

Charles Vorbach, President

John L. Vorbach Company

More testimonials

“I wanted you to know how amazing our WAHVE has been. Not only is she smart and quick as a whip, she is also very sweet and wonderful to work with. She is detailed and thorough with her work. I am so very thankful for our WAHVE and all that she has done for us!
– Bailey M. Battle, Keen Battle Mead & Company

"Our WAHVE has been a great asset to our HR team. She is attentive, flexible and does a really good job on everything I give her. She did a bang-up job on our handbook making sure our state laws were included. She is a true professional.”
– Kim Sullivan, Human Resources Manager, Twin Rivers Technology

“It’s hard to find the right talent. With WAHVE, we can see the work getting done and measure performance. No other service offers the level of knowledge and professionalism as WAHVE.”
– Denyce Curtis, CPCU, CIC, National Director Commercial Lines Operations, USI

“WAHVE has an inventory of highly experienced professionals so you don’t have to rely on the local marketplace. Because they don’t need much training and have 25-plus years of experience, you can have a ‘vintage’ professional providing support to your organization in very short order.”
– Jill Wadlund, ALSM, CPCU, President, Berkley Life Sciences