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Gone are the days of remembering multiple passwords for all your products. Vertafore Single Sign-On (VSSO) simplifies credentials to where each user only needs to remember one login to access Vertafore’s best-of-breed solutions.

Once users log into one VSSO-enabled application, they can then move freely between other VSSO-enabled applications without logging in again.

Administrators have a central console, Vertafore Identity Management (VIM), to manage all users, simplifying the user management process.

Features you need

  • One password, single sign-on: VSSO simplifies credentials so now users need to only remember one password and on log-in once to access all their Vertafore applications, saving time and providing the information faster and more efficiently.
  • Self-serve password reset: Users can reset their own password without contacting their system administrator, further saving time and a better user experience.
  • Centralized administration console: Vertafore Identity Management (VIM) provides admins a single, centralized console to manage user credentials; eliminating the time-consuming task of managing usernames and passwords.
  • Secured by Multi-Factor Authentication: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an added layer of authenticating users securely, leveraging two or more means of authentication, whether (a) across devices, such as a computer and mobile phone or (b) technologies, like a passcode or thumbprint or another bio. Administrators may enable MFA easily in VIM with just a check of a box.

VSSO-enabled products

  • 360 OData
  • MBH
  • AMS360 Online
  • Pipeline Manager
  • API Admin Portal
  • PL Rating
  • Credential Manager
  • Producer Services
  • Developer Portal
  • Rating
  • eSignature
  • ReferenceConnect
  • Executive Dashboard
  • TransactNOW
  • InsurLink
  • Vertafore Agency Platform
  • ImageRight/WSOL
  • Vertafore Mobile
  • My Agency Reports

Important Resources

VSSO Administrators Guide >  This guide is designed for those responsible for software administrative duties for their organization and have the proper access rights to carry out administrative tasks. It is not intended for end users of this software. If you are an end user in need of assistance, please contact your agency administrator. As a reminder, in order to access MyVertafore and communication center links you will need your User Id and Password.

Upgrade Advisor: Verify system compatibility > The Upgrade Advisor program is a utility to validate that the software installed on your workstation meets the requirements to run the Vertafore® Single Sign-On suite of products.

Technical Requirements

  • Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit)
  • Edge (v91.0.864.37)
  • Chrome (v90.0.4430.212)
  • IE (tested with v1909, build 18363.1556)

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