Better Than Ever: ProducerEDGE Upgrade to Sircon

April 4, 2019 /

ProducerEDGE has been upgraded to a new interface! The upgrade also comes with a new, simpler name – Sircon.

Thanks to the modern user interface in Sircon, it’s now easier than ever for individual licensees to find and understand their critical state licensing and education information, as well as complete important regulatory tasks. The convenient Sircon dashboard has everything you need!

Sircon Radar April 19

The new Sircon interface for ProducerEDGE users

The Sircon platform supports all the same capabilities of ProducerEDGE, with the exception of manual license tracking. This change allows us to ensure that all licensing data is accurate and doesn’t get out-of-date.  

In addition to the improved user experience, Sircon will soon be able to connect agents to their carrier partners for an improved onboarding experience and agent self-service capabilities.  

With the upgrade to Sircon, individuals and small agencies now have an even better tool to help them keep up with their licensing and credentials.