Chief Customer Chat: Incident Alert Communications

January 7, 2019 /

Written By: Cassidy Smirnow, Chief Customer Officer

January is always a reflective time. It is a time to think about what we have accomplished over the past year, to reflect on those accomplishments, ponder the things we intended to accomplish but didn’t, and let all of that inform our intentions for the upcoming year.

For me when I think about 2018, I think about the positive momentum we have built around improving the customer experience. Whether it be reducing our hold times in Customer Support, launching our new Customer Success program, delivering meaningful releases for our core agency platforms, or providing Did you know? videos to maximize your knowledge across our products. I am very proud of that momentum and am excited to continue to add wind to our sails in 2019.

When I think about our opportunity to continue to be better, I think about communication. I know that you need to be hearing more from us, specifically when there are issues gaining access to our services or products. Over the past few months, we have been working across teams at Vertafore and with the help of a few customers to develop an improved communication process for when we have a disruption of service. At the end of December, we launched that updated commitment on communication. In summary, here is what you can expect—and what we commit to provide—when there is a disruption affecting your products.

  • MyVertafore is the central location for communicating the status of all service disruptions.

  • If you are subscribed to alerts on MyVertafore, you will receive an email notification when we identify an incident, and again upon its resolution.

  • We are committed to providing status updates on MyVertafore at specific intervals of frequency, based on the severity of the incident.

  • We are committed to providing an RCA (Root Cause Analysis) for all high-impact incidents within 10 business days of the incident’s resolution.

  • We are committed to keeping our trust center up to date on a monthly basis.

To help you further understand our commitment to incident communication, we’ve prepared an easy visual overview and a set of FAQs. I hope these resources help provide full transparency into the process and make it easy for you to see when and how we will be fulfilling our promise to keep you informed.

Improving communication isn’t going to be something we can check off a list and call complete – it’s a commitment we make to getting better every day, learning from our customers, and continuing to make forward progress.