Chief Customer Chat: New year, new ideas

January 11, 2021 /

By: Cassidy Smirnow, Chief Customer Officer

One of our big themes in 2020 was to find better ways to use your feedback and suggestions to drive product improvements. Our product development process includes many elements:  we review support cases to see common challenges, we track performance and look for opportunities to improve, and we pour through our survey data looking at your suggestions. But the number one greatest influence on our future product enhancements is our Ideas process, which is driven by YOU!

If you’d like to learn the Ideas process, how Vertafore is constantly using your feedback to better our solutions, and how we plan to incorporate new ideas in the new year, please join us on Wednesday, January 27, for a joint webinar with NetVU. Hosted by James Thom, Chief Product Officer, Justin Silverman, Vice President Product Management, Matt Buettner, Director Product Management, and NetVU’s Learning Experiences Manager, Debbie Ivie, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions on how to make your suggestions stand out.

Over 125 of your ideas were included in product releases in 2020 – with 61 more on the roadmap. To put it simply, we can’t do it without you.    

I hope you’ll join us to learn more about how we are constantly utilizing your suggestions! Click here to learn more and register. Here’s to 2021 – the year of your ideas!