Collaboration is key! Growing the Vertafore–NetVU connection

October 7, 2021 /

Collaboration is at the heart of Vertafore’s solutions. Whether we’re working with our customers or partnering with industry organizations, collaboration is critical to moving our industry forward and creating effective solutions across the insurance distribution channel.  

This year, we’ve had some fantastic opportunities to work with others to drive technology modernization, but collaboration is also essential when it comes to education, especially in an industry as complex as ours. There’s a lot to learn, but we know we’re setting our customers up for success by working with the right partners. This is where one of our oldest partners comes in—the Network of Vertafore Users (NetVU). NetVU is an independent, volunteer-driven organization focused on connecting Vertafore customers with resources to help their organizations succeed.   

In short, NetVU is the David Bowie to our Freddie Mercury, the Doritos to our Taco Bell, the Procter to our Gamble, and the [insert your favorite collaboration here]. All Vertafore product users have free, automatic membership to NetVU. This means you have a direct connection to industry peers using the same Vertafore products, plus access to all kinds of fantastic education resources where you can learn from other users and Vertafore product experts like:   

If you’re not already, it’s the perfect time to get connected to NetVU. Starting in October, NetVU will host Vertafore Office Hours. These sessions allow you to virtually connect with Vertafore Customer Support to learn tips and best practices and to ask questions about your products. You’ll also get to hear from other system users and share ideas. These sessions are meant to be interactive and conversational to make sure you get the most out of your time.  

After all, collaboration is key, but it’s even better when the time together is effective!  

Have a favorite collaboration? (Sonny &) “Cher” it on the NetVU Community!

Check out NetVU’s education calendar to register for Vertafore Office Hours.  

Need help logging in? Let NetVU know!