Easier, smarter commercial insurance for independent agencies

August 6, 2020 /

Thousands of people attended the Summer of Accelerate kickoff event, where we previewed the new Commercials Submissions platform. Today, commercial submissions require redundant and manual data entry across multiple forms, in different programs, and from many different data sources. At the end of the day, this time-consuming process eats away at agency profits and your client’s time and patience. Existing industry solutions only address part of the issue. They only allow you to complete small commercial applications for just a few carriers, or only support forms-based mid and large commercial insurance applications. Well, we’ve heard you.

Our upcoming commercial submissions platform will connect to carriers in real-time, pre-fill your forms and drastically streamline the process. Our commitment to serving the entire insurance distribution channel lets us make these connections between independent agencies and their carrier partners. The seamless integration with your agency management system will speed up your submissions and streamline your workflow.

Commercial Submissions is the first completely new capability built using Titan Technology, our game changing approach to developing insurance digital technology. This not only lets us develop much faster than previously, but makes the most of the data you already have in your management system.

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