Five proven ways to keep in touch with your clients

November 9, 2017 /

Part of becoming a successful insurance agency is connecting with your clients in profound ways that keep them coming back. It’s always less expensive and time-consuming to retain a client, rather than sourcing a new one.

To this end, our insurance agency management system, known as QQCatalyst, delivers multiple avenues for keeping in touch with your clients during holidays and letting them know you’re still thinking about them and their well-being. Today we’ll look at some ways to keep in touch with your clients, and how QQCatalyst helps you accomplish them that.

Five ways to keep in touch with clients

Staying in touch with a client after the initial sale is important if you wish to forge a long-lasting relationship and continued sales. That being said, there’s a fine line between staying in touch, and annoying your prospects. It’s all about the right timing and the proper methods.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to keep in touch with clients:

1. Deliver valuable news

Using the powerful tools within QQCatalyst, you can always be up-to-date on the latest premiums or options for your clients. A perfect way to reach out to your clients, even during this busy season, is to bring good tidings in the form of news that they can use.

If you’re calling to tell them you can save them additional money during this season, they will be incredibly grateful.

2. Send a small gift

Sending a funny gift or useful item to your clients can be a fun way of reminding them that you’re still thinking about them. If they purchased boat insurance from you, perhaps you send a captain’s hat in the mail. If they have car insurance, a scented item to put in their car would be nice.

Using the insurance management software QQCatalyst, you can set reminders for yourself to set aside time for small gestures like these.

3. Send personalized cards

Sending a holiday card with a generic message isn’t memorable. While it would take time to personalize cards for each of your clients, it’s easy to do with QQCatalyst as you can program and set reminders for this as well.

When the holidays come around, start creating cards early and send them out personalized to each of your clients.

4. Call or text

A simple phone call or a text can go a long way. QQCatalyst is the only AMS that has the ability to send SMS text messages, so there’s no excuse not to reach out and check on clients. These don’t need to be frequent or long, but simply a means of saying hello and seeing how they are doing.

5. Connect with them on social media

Having a professional presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter make it easier for clients to contact you and for you to contact them. Once you make these profiles, you can use some of the extra time you’ll save using our agency management system, QQCatalyst, to reach out and wish your clients happy holidays on social media.