FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating Upgrade: Frequently Asked Questions

April 23, 2019 /

Does web-based mean no more servers or updates? How secure is the cloud?

Yes! The main benefit of upgrading to FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating is that FSC Rater agency administrators or users will no longer have to deal with troublesome updates or be concerned with safely storing data locally. With FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating, your quotes are stored securely, and you will receive unlimited storage at no extra cost. Best of all, because the platform is a web-based platform, the system will always be up to date meaning you will always have access to the most accurate rates.

What is Quotes in the Cloud (QITC)?

Quotes in the Cloud moves the storage location of your quote data from your local desktop or network onto the Vertafore secure data center. QITC is free for FSC Rater customers. Agencies with multiple locations find QITC to be advantageous in quickly sharing quotes across locations. Setting QITC up is quick and easy, only taking about a minute per 1,000 quotes uploaded. Concerned about data security? The cloud provides more data security than a local network or server. The data in this comparative rater software is housed at our state-of-the-art data center, meaning you no longer need to worry about data backups or theft. Data is also more secure within the application when you choose to upload your quotes to the cloud. Additionally, quotes in the cloud offers enhanced reporting and search functionality so you can quickly retrieve quotes.

Does FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating have the same carriers as the legacy FSC Rater? Will quotes be as accurate in the new solution?

The simple answer is yes. FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating is equipped with all of the same carriers found in FSC Rater and your quotes will be of the high accuracy quality you’ve come to rely on. Additionally, the web-based platform is comprised of 300+ carriers across 48 states including DC. This allows customers who have primarily rated in California to expand their service and quote in more states. For a complete carrier list, please visit www.vertafore.com/plrating.

Are dwelling fire and motorcycle included in PL Rating?

Yes, Dwelling Fire and Motorcycle LOB’s are available in California.

What agency management systems does FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating integrate with?

FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating has integrations with all Vertafore solutions including AMS360, Sagitta and QQ Catalyst. There’s also integration to Hawksoft, Nexsure, Applied TAM and Epic and most recently Veruna. For a full list of current integrations, log into MyVertafore and visit https://support.vertafore.com/apex/Article?Id=kA241000000ST0pCAG

What are the costs associated with the upgrade?

There is no cost associated with the upgrade. However, add-ons that were not compatible with the legacy FSC Rater desktop application will now be available such as prefill and 48 state coverage.

What are the additional costs for add-ons like prefill Solutions at Quote (SAQ) and 48 state coverage?

  •     SAQ (LexisNexis) Prefill - $0.65 per transaction (includes all drivers and vehicles in household)
  •     CoreLogic (Marshall & Swift/Boeckh) Prefill - $0.65 per transaction
  •     CoreLogic (MSB ITV Calculations)– Starting at $50 per month (based on number of employees)
  •     Incident Prefill (Court Records) – Starting at $50 per month (based on number of employees)
  •     48 state coverage and additional lines of business – Contact your account manager for more information

What browsers and devices are supported with FSC Rater Powered PL Rating?

FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating is optimized for Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Edge.

What are the benefits of switching?

FSC Rater customers enjoy enhanced features and functionality in FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating. The comparative rater platform features the same robust carrier library you have relied upon in FSC Rater. Plus, with a cloud-based solution, you will no longer need to store your data, be concerned with data security, or manually update your desktop application. FSC Rater Powered by PL Rating has the potential for significant time and monetary savings. You will gain access to Consumer Rate Quotes (CRQ), making it easier for clients to do business with you on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices. You’ll also have access to additional lines of business and other add-on options not available in the FSC Rater desktop application.

Learn more about FSC Rater here.