Getting better every day: Meet Matt Buettner, our new Director of Product Management

February 8, 2019 /

Meet the newest member of our product management team: Matt Buettner. Matt comes to Vertafore with 20+ years of product management experience across several different industries and has helped drive their technology transformations. This background means Matt is primed to successfully lead our carrier and MGA product management teams.

When asked about his background and what brought him to product management, Matt says, “I’ve seen how 3D Computer Aided Design helps engineers build a better bicycle; how data consolidation helps real estate investors make better informed decisions; and even helped airline pilots plan optimized flight paths that burn less fuel and get their passengers to their destination safely and on-time. The concept of applying technology solutions to wildly diverse problem statements is the magic of software product management.”

So, how does this apply to his new role at Vertafore? Matt explains, “It starts by understanding the challenges and pain points your customers are facing, opening your mind to creative solutions, and applying or developing new technologies that make your customer forget all about that last pain point.” And, of course, there will always be another problem to solve once the first one is fixed!

Matt’s philosophy towards life is to never stop seeking knowledge. He believes the best way to lead is by first listening intently to others, then acting on the information received to enable and empower others to succeed. In short, Matt derives his success from the victories of his peers and customers alike.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys skiing, backpacking, and traveling the world with his wife and two kids. Matt’s recent travels include spending time in both Japan and Nepal this past year alone! A life-long learner, Matt loves taking on new challenges such as earning his flight instructor certificate, real-estate license, and most recently exploring 3D printing and drone racing.

Matt is excited to be a part of the digital transformation underway in our industry and believes that Vertafore is well positioned within the insurance distribution eco-system to lead that transformation.

We are so happy to have Matt on our team and look forward to seeing him drive technology forward for our carrier and MGA customers. Please join us in welcoming Matt to the team and feel free to email him directly to say hello.