Introducing Vertafore Client Communications

March 1, 2021 /

One of the things we hear from agencies is that they need tools to engage clients with the right touch at the right time. Whether a birthday note, a cross-sell suggestion, risk mitigation information, or managing your reputation so you can gather referrals, these important activities can be time consuming. We're excited to tell you that we are ready to help. During our last AMS360 webinar we mentioned that Vertafore Client Communications was coming. We have an important update on that commitment. We are launching Vertafore Client Communications, powered by Rocket Referrals, to deliver an industry-leading tool that helps you grow and retain your clients. Vertafore Client Communications brings integrated email, campaign, and reputation management to AMS360 in an easy to manage tool.

  • Keep your data in sync automatically with the AMS360 integration.
  • Manage your reputation through Net Promoter Score (NPS), a measure of how likely your clients are to recommend your agency and understand your revenue that is at risk to leave.
  • Automate your communications to send personalized messages to clients at just the right time with little to no interaction required.

Best of all, we are providing Vertafore Client Communications at no additional cost for agencies on AMS360 Core or Vertafore Agency Platform using VSSO. Beginning in March, if you are on one of the eligible packages, you will be notified by email when you can sign up to get this capability. If you are not on an eligible package but are interested in this capability, please contact your account manager. This exciting and powerful tool is one of the most requested improvements to AMS360. Learn more about Vertafore Client Communications by checking out the  product webpage.