Licensing just got easier: AgencyEDGE upgrade to Sircon

August 12, 2020 /

AgencyEDGE has been upgraded to a whole new experience! The upgrade also comes with a new, simpler name – Sircon.

Thanks to the new, modern user interface in Sircon, it’s now easier than ever for agencies to find and understand critical state licensing information for their agency and agents, view important state regulatory notices, and complete required regulatory tasks. The convenient Sircon dashboard has everything you need!


Sircon supports all the same capabilities of AgencyEDGE. Many compliance-related services are available, working directly and seamlessly with the states. Apply, renew, and print licenses, or update name and address information for your agents. 

In addition to the improved user experience, Premium subscriptions just got better. Along with automated agency license tracking and access to regulatory quick guides, Premium subscribers now enjoy free license printing for their agency and agents (where available in Sircon-affiliated states). Plus, connect with agents to get their up-to-date information on licensing, continuing education, and carrier onboarding requests.

Finally, streamlined billing options make it easy to pay your bill online, tracking your invoices, and set up cost centers. With the upgrade to Sircon, agencies now have an even better tool to help them keep up with their licensing and credentials!

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