The power of connectivity

July 18, 2018 /

Written By: Nellie Massoni, Product Management Director

Doing business in real-time. We hear this phrase often in an industry that increasingly demands better customer service. That means getting coverage quickly, receiving 24/7 customer service, and faster resolution to claims. But in order to achieve this level of customer service, you need to connect directly with carriers.

Sound complicated? It’s not.

More importantly, it’s free for all agencies. TransactNOW eliminates re-entering data for tons of Personal and Commercial Lines processes, and gives you the ability to instantly sign on to carrier websites securely with its “carrier passport” feature.

Sound simpler? Here are the latest carrier additions and enhancements to TransactNOW in 2018:

New Download Carriers and Certifications

  1. Rockford Mutual – Dwelling Fire

  2. Western Iowa Mutual – Dwelling Fire, Home,  Direct Bill Commission Statement (DBCS)

  3. Northwest Iowa Mutual – Dwelling Fire, Home,  DBCS

  4. AmShield Insurance (Shelter Mutual Insurance Company) -  Auto, Home

  5. Allied Trust Insurance – Personal Auto and Home, DBCS

  6. Billings Mutual – Personal Auto

  7. Arrowhead – Commercial Auto, BOP and DBCS

  8. Windhaven Insurance (MGA) – Personal Auto

  9. Farmers and Mechanics – Personal Auto, Home, Dwelling Fire

  10. Belle Prairie Mutual – Dwelling Fire, Home, DBCS

  11. Halifax Mutual – Dwelling Fire, Home

  12. Founders Insurance – Personal Auto

  13. Farmers Mutual of IA – Dwelling Fire, Home, DBCS

  14. Grayson-Carroll-Wythe Mutual – Dwelling Fire, Home

New LOB Support for Existing Carrier PartnersNSM Insurance Group – DBCS

  1. Great American – CL Inland Marine, General Liability

  2. Oswego County Mutual – BOP

  3. Loudon Mutual – Dwelling Fire, Home, Umbrella

  4. Motorists  Mutual – CL Umbrella

  5. Progressive – PL Umbrella

  6. Quincy Mutual – BOP

  7. Celina – Commercial Auto, Property, Umbrella, Workers Comp, Inland Marine

  8. Consumers Insurance – Personal Umbrella

  9. Andover – Personal Umbrella

  10. IMT Wadena – BOP

  11. Tim Parkman (MGA) – DBCS

  12. Celina – BOP, General Liability

  13. Northern Neck – Personal Umbrella

New Claims Download Carriers

  1. Frankenmuth

  2. MetLife

  3. Brethren Mutual

New eDocs and Messages Download Carriers

  1. Columbia Mutual

  2. Donegal

  3. Acuity

  4. Secura

  5. Fremont Mutual

  6. Loudon Mutual

New TransactNOW Carriers and New functionality for existing Carriers

  1. Hagerty – Personal Auto Quote Request (QR)

  2. Motorists Insurance – Commercial Lines QR for all LOBs

    1. Commercial Auto, BOP, Workers Comp, Property, General Liability, Package and Umbrella

  3. Pekin Insurance – Commercial Lines QR for BOP (State of AZ only)

  4. Co-Operative Insurance – Commercial Lines Billing & Policy View Inquiry for BOP

  5. Cincinnati’s Policy View Inquiry now supports additional commercial lines of business

With a constantly growing network of carriers who use TransactNOW, it’s more important now than ever for agents to embrace the benefits of this readily available technology. To find out more about how you can improve your client service and carrier partnerships, check out the TransactNOW product page, or reach out to your account manager.