Proving our partnership: Listening to our customers was just the beginning

April 18, 2018 /

Written By: Bruce Westman, Product Manager, and Ellie Boleski, Director of Development 

Last May the Sagitta Customer Roundtable program was born. We didn’t know it at the time, but a small group of vocal—and frankly not-too-happy—customers would change the areas of focus for product development, moving forward. We started talking then and the conversation hasn’t stopped. But we don’t often mention what’s going on behind-the-scenes to our general customer base.

At that time, Vertafore was going through changes. New leadership always brings uncertainty for the customers of any product, and this period of transition was no different. In the midst of the changes, a group of our largest customers approached us and laid out their concerns and fears over the future of the Sagitta application. There had been rumors that Vertafore’s plan was to let Sagitta fade away, running in “maintenance mode” without new features or enhancements. Obviously, this would be concerning to many of you who have made a major investment in Sagitta and rely on it to run your business.  

We realized at that point that simply assuring our customers that Sagitta was alive and well would not suffice. Listening to their concerns was just the beginning: continuing to listen, to talk, and to act, would be vital to our success as a top provider of technology and services. Thus, we started a regular cadence of meetings with the group of concerned agencies.

We started by asking them “if you were in control of the future of Sagitta, what would you tell us to develop”.  After we collected all of the ideas, we grouped like requests resulting in three areas of focus, accounting, usability, and integration.  In addition to those areas, the ask was to continue delivering on upgrades, modernization, and Vertafore eForms.  From there, we took the requests to our development team and began the real work. Each time we met with the group, we reviewed our progress to date followed by a discussion of deliverables for the upcoming release.

Maybe it sounds like a no-brainer: listen to your customers and give them what they want! But Vertafore had not been doing this prior to 2017, so it was a huge undertaking. And even the agencies involved in the process weren’t immediately convinced that we meant what we said. Sagitta has long been, and will long continue to be, a cornerstone of Vertafore’s agency management system offerings. But our customers demanded that we demonstrate our commitment to supporting and developing Sagitta, and we are proud to say that so far, we feel we’ve done just that.

Now, one year later, we’ve been receiving some sincere compliments from customers involved in the Roundtable program, and others who have benefited from the features it has led to. We know that there’s still work to do and that “the proof is in the pudding.” So, it’s our goal to continue serving you up some really good pudding with each new Sagitta release.

We and our leadership know that continuously improving the functionality, workflow, and integrations for Sagitta truly impacts how well you and your employees can run your business on a day-to-day basis. As always, we value your input and hope you will reach out to us with feature requests. The Sagitta team is working hard to listen, and more than that, to deliver and prove each day that your success as our customers is truly the greatest mark of our own success.