QQCatalyst insights: Importing contacts

January 7, 2019 /

Written By: Kyle Giacomino, Customer Support Specialist

Have you ever wanted to troubleshoot a minor problem or set up a new function without needing to call support? We strive to help you succeed and we know how valuable your time is. That’s why, each month, we’re bringing you a support tip to help you resolve your issues as quickly and easily as possible. These QQCatalyst insights are just one way we want to help you become better every day.

What better time of the year than January to reflect on the past year’s goals and challenge ourselves to new ones? Setting goals, and measuring them, often boils down to metrics like the number of policies written, customers assisted, and customers retained. Whether your agency is already a leader in winning new business or just starting out, QQCatalyst is here to help with features like AI SmartFlows and Marketing Central. Using these features, you can send personalized and automated letters to customers and prospects and gain valuable data on how your messages were received. This month, we’ll cover the crucial first step in using AI SmartFlows and Marketing Central: importing your customer and prospect contact information.

Importing Contacts into QQCatalyst

1. Navigate to the Import Contacts section

Jan 2019 QQCatalyst Insight 1

2. Download the Import Contacts Template by clicking the green question mark box to the right of Select File to Upload

Jan 2019 QQCatalyst Insights 2

3. Select Click Here to Download the Import Contact Template hyperlink

Jan 2019 QQCatalyst Insights 3

4. The contact spreadsheet will download in the .xlsx format

  • Add the desired contact information

  • Some fields, annotated in red, are required (X-Date and X-Date Line of Business, for example)

5. Upload the completed template into QQCatalyst by clicking Select File on the Import Contacts page

  • Make sure to select the correct location/s and contact type/s

6. Click Next

7. Review the preview data, make any changes, and click Next when satisfied

  • Make sure to check the First Row Contains Column Headings button to the left of the sheet selection drop-down menu

Jan 2019 QQCatalyst Insights 4

8. Click Next through the next two preview data pages, then click Finish

We hope these steps help drive productivity in your business by giving you the ability to troubleshoot minor problems and set up new functions with minimal effort and time. We are dedicated to delivering results you can see and helping you achieve your business goals. Please reach out to us through MyVertafore if you have any further issues or questions.