QQCatalyst is prepared to help you manage your agency during COVID-19

April 9, 2020 /

Written by: Parker Davis, Customer Community Engagement Manager

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all do business. We want to help you maximize your management system’s capabilities so that you can continue to lead an impactful agency. Fortunately, QQCatalyst has many features that are valuable throughout the year, but especially during a time like this.

Below are just a few tools that can help you better engage your customers and empower employees as they navigate this situation:

  • Learning Journeys. For all QQCatalyst training needs, look toward MyVertafore’s Learning Journeys. Combining content found from help articles, Vertafore University, and Did you know? videos, Learning Journeys are a one-stop shop for any and all QQCatalyst training. Even for experienced users, this is a great way to brush up on daily processes as well as learn more about what the solution has to offer.  
  • Marketing Features. Sending mass emails can help keep customers informed on your agency during this time. This can be easily accomplished with QQCatalyst’s Marketing capabilities. From this tab, you can design a template and identify the specific customer segments receiving the email. This allows you to customize your outreach based on location, line of business, or any other criteria. For a step-by-step guide of how to create and send an email blast, look to this Learning Journey.  
  • Smartflows. If you subscribe to Agency Intelligence, Smartflows can save and establish a communication cadence with customers. If COVID-19 is changing your workflows (or creating a few new ones), Smartflows can be used to diagram and track sequences of events in a timeline. You may be familiar with the pre-built Smartflows in AI but you can also customize via the Smartflows Editor.  
  • Employee Productivity Dashboard. It’s just as important to stay in touch with your staff as it is your customers. As you may not be seeing your team daily,tracking workflows and progress on projects may prove to be difficult. The Employee Productivity dashboard provides insight into your team’s actions on specific accounts as well as the overall picture. Especially when time are tough, this information can be essential in allocating your business’ resources to where they are most needed.

There are plenty of additional functionalities that can help to boost customer engagement and strengthen your agency. In addition to the Learning Journeys, make sure to keep an eye on your inbox for more helpful tips via the Radar newsletter and Did you know? video series. For further assistance with the tools mentioned above, or anything else QQCatalyst, please contact Vertafore Support.