QQWebRater Powered by PL Rating™ Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

August 12, 2019 /

Does QQWebRater Powered by PL Rating have the same carriers as QQWebRater? Will quotes be as accurate in the new platform?

The simple answer is yes. QQWebRater Powered by PL Rating is equipped with all the same carriers found in QQWebRater, plus more. The new platform combines your preferred and nonstandard carriers in one location and your quotes will be of the high-accuracy quality you’ve come to rely on in QQWebRater. Additionally, the web-based platform is comprised of 300+ carriers across 48 states and the District of Columbia. This allows customers who have primarily rated in Florida and Texas to expand their service and quote in more states. Click here to view the full carrier list.


How do I set up LexisNexis? Does it replace the Motor Vehicles Report in QQWebRater?

Agency Paid MVR (Motor Vehicle Reports) is a process that allows an agent to order MVRs for the drivers on the quote and use the results in the quote requests. This is an add-on feature to QQWebRater Powered by PL Rating. To subscribe to this feature, navigate into the Admin menu in QQWebRater Powered by PL Rating, click Subscribe to Agency Paid MVR, and complete the necessary forms from LexisNexis.

Once the feature is available and activated by LexisNexis, the agency admin has the ability to turn this feature on or off by user. You can also go directly to Lexis Nexis | Agent Application for Service here.


What agency management systems does QQWebRater Powered by PL Rating integrate with?

QQWebRater Powered by PL Rating has integrations with all Vertafore solutions (QQCatalyst, Evolution, AMS360, and Sagitta) as well as majority of other agency management systems like Hawksoft, Applied TAM and Epic, and Nexsure. For a full list of current integrations, log into MyVertafore and click here.


What are the additional costs for add-ons like prefill Solutions at Quote (SAQ) and MSB?

  • SAQ (LexisNexis) Prefill - $0.65 per transaction (includes all drivers and vehicles in household)
  • CoreLogic (Marshall & Swift/Boeckh) Prefill - $0.65 per transaction
  • CoreLogic (MSB ITV Calculations)– Starting at $50 per month (based on number of employees)


What browsers and devices are supported with QQWebRater Powered by PL Rating?

QQWebRater Powered by PL Rating is optimized for Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Edge


Who do I contact for more information about the upgrade?

You can send an email to qqwebraterupgrade@vertafore.com or contact your Vertafore account representative.