RiskMatch Analytics in Your Inbox gets even better

May 7, 2021 /

Imagine starting your workday with an email in your inbox that included real-time data that could help you generate more commission, increase product sales, and improve client retention.

Stop imagining. Analytics in Your Inbox powered by RiskMatch® delivers periodic emails to account owners and producers which provide cross-sell and commission insights for upcoming renewals. 

With Analytics in Your Inbox you can:

  • Get advanced notification of upcoming customer renewals.
  • Compare your commission rates to others in the market to recognize uplift potential.
  • Easily identify other coverages from which your customers are likely to benefit.

Vertafore has recently made some exciting enhancements making it easier to target the right insights—to the right recipients—at the right time.

Three insight email templates

There are now three versions of the renewal email allowing you to choose what information is best suited for your agency’s producers and account owners. One of the new templates only displays cross-sell recommendations if you want your team laser focused on upsell and retention.

In each version, the producers will see the ten renewals with the largest commission uplift potential within their cross-sell opportunities. The Market and Agency Templates also display the commission uplift potential.  The email contains a link to each renewal in RiskMatch.  This makes it easy to gather more information on the account or quickly pull a Risk Profile Report, a preformatted, interactive proposal for your clients that shows your agency’s expertise and coverages that the client should consider purchasing.

Whether you want to evaluate commissions across the market or within your agency, the choice is yours.

data driven renewals screenshot

New intuitive Administration UI

The new intuitive administration UI makes it easy to target by division, role, or individual and schedule insight emails directly within RiskMatch.  Managers can save time and respond to staff changes quickly with the ability to easily configure recipient groups and schedule emails.

RiskMatch customers can take advantage of Analytics in Your Inbox now. Discover how easy it is to get started. Learn what other agency analytics are available with RiskMatch for Agents and Brokers