Sagitta 20R1 is here

May 27, 2020 /

By: Caroline Boncoskey, Product Marketing Coordinator

We are excited to release the newest version of Sagitta, 20R1. This release has new improvements and updates to help your agency continue to increase efficiency and productivity. In case you missed the “What’s New” presentation during Accelerate, here are some key highlights to look forward to in the release:

  • The ACORD 130 Workers Comp application has been updated to its latest 2017/05 version
  • The Agency Commission Percent field on the Invoice data tab now has a specific hierarchy for what pre-fills in that field for greater consistency
  • A new personalization field has been added to Accounting flags to allow only a PRD vendor type to be allowed into pages with a specific Producer field
  • A new UI update is being added to continue our modernization efforts.  Messages that used to require an OK click by the user have been updated
  • For BenefitPoint users, a new dropdown on the personalization page has been added to ignore Broker of Record dates sent from BP transactions
  • The ability to access TransactNOW via VSSO instead of the current desktop install
  • Sagitta can now be run on Edge in IE mode

We hope your agency is as excited as we are about the new release. You can find the release notes on MyVertafore.