See the benefits with the newest update to BenefitPoint

February 7, 2020 /

By: Mike Alwais, Director Product Marketing

BenefitPoint is the management system made especially for your benefits business and now it’s got more features than ever. See how the newest release can really benefit you!

This month, we released our latest update to BenefitPoint, the management system made specifically for your benefits business. While this release includes many behind-the-scenes improvements to enhance performance and functionality, there’s one new feature we wanted to call out by name.  

Introducing “Enhanced Compare”

Until now, when you’ve used the Compare feature, you could only see plans or rates but not both together. This meant generating a proposal took extra steps—and unless you’re talking about getting in your 10,000 per day, nobody likes extra steps!

With our BenefitPoint 20R1 release, tackling this issue was one of our top priorities. With the new release, you can now:

  • Put plans and rates into the same comparison! This streamlines the process and saves you time when generating proposals. 
  • Enjoy ease of use with less clicks to move through the workflow.
  • Use the Save As Attachment feature to easily attach Excel exports of your comparisons to an account or request.

This feature was one that many of you have been asking for and we’re excited to bring it to you now.

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