Self-service is better service: How your insurance agency can deliver

June 10, 2020 /

You can’t escape it. It’s what everyone wants, and insurance will never be the same because of it. It’s what gives an agency clear distinction in a competitive market, revealing who is and is not relevant. What is this industry provocateur? The client digital experience.

The truth is, being there for your clients today means more than an open door or answering a call. From banking, to food service, and now insurance, every industry has been faced with the rising demand for anytime, anywhere, personalized customer service. Companies like Geico are winning more than 50% of new business in some lines with self-service capabilities, and the challenge to the independent agency is how to remain relevant against online directs and meet rising client expectations. Meeting this moment means offering a superior client digital experience.

Improving the insurance customer experience

What does it take to deliver on digital client expectations? Agencies today need to give their clients the option to help themselves and find answers to their questions more easily than calling the agency. Offering comprehensive, mobile-friendly, self-service tools does just that. However, developing these tools yourself can be expensive, time-consuming, and require specialized knowledge. Instead, you can look to industry innovations like InsurLink to deliver a world-class digital experience for your clients.

InsurLink is a trailblazing client portal that will transform the way you do business and deliver a superior client experience, improve your agency’s productivity, and strengthen your client relationships. Designed for easy agency management and simplicity for the end insured, InsurLink lives up to user and industry expectations while delivering features that help foster business growth.

Making client digital experience a reality

Deciding to pursue a digital experience for your clients is only one half of the equation. The other half: implementation. Implementing a robust client experience solution like InsurLink may seem daunting, and it is important to have a deliberate, meaningful, and planned implementation to ensure your agency’s success with InsurLink. Vertafore ensures a comprehensive InsurLink implementation tailored specifically to your agency so you can bring a digital experience to your clients with immediacy. This blog post will discuss industry best practices to prepare your agency for a successful implementation, and how to be ultimately be successful with InsurLink.

How to prepare for a successful implementation

1. Time and Dedication

While InsurLink has a relatively low upfront time commitment, it is critical to designate the time, attention, and focus to roll it out into your agency correctly. With your time and commitment, our Implementation Consultants will walk you through each step to make your InsurLink set up properly and develop compelling and effective branding specific to your agency to encourage client engagement.

2. Identify the InsurLink expert for your agency

Although InsurLink is very intuitive for both the agency and the insured, designating an InsurLink expert, such as an agency administrator, makes for a smooth and successful implementation. Appointing an InsurLink expert minimizes the possibility for confusion and brand mismanagement and allows one person to have designated ownership of overseeing your InsurLink.

3. Establish InsurLink as a better way to connect with your clients

InsurLink intersects and streamlines every stage of your clients’ journey, so it is critical to have unity within your agency to embrace a digital experience as a part of how you will do business. Failure to have agency collaboration will result in inconsistent quality of service, loss of new business opportunities, and the underutilization of a powerful tool. The first step to connecting with your clients through InsurLink is simply inviting them to use it. With just a few clicks, InsurLink’s prebuilt email invitations allow you to send invitations in bulk or individually to begin connecting with your clients online. It sounds simple, but actively inviting your clients to use InsurLink is the foundation of building a digital experience. You cannot have a client digital experience if there are no clients to experience it.

Meeting your customers where they are

In today’s world, showing your clients that you care about them means offering them exceptional service both in the office and online. With evermore aspects of our lives moving online, it’s no surprise that customers are expecting more personalized, digital experiences from their insurance. InsurLink allows you to strike while the iron is hot and offer your clients personalized experiences and access to key services wherever and whenever they want. With Vertafore’s refined implementation process, your clients can enjoy the benefits of InsurLink immediately.

InsurLink enables you to focus on what matters most, while giving end-insureds the power to meet their insurance needs on their own.

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