TransactNOW’s eDocs and Messages Download Version 2: Now even more Automated and Integrated!

May 6, 2019 /

Written By: Dave Acker, Vice President, Product Management 

TransactNOW’s eDocs and Messages Download features are an electronic way for carriers to send you the messages and policy documents you use every day. Instead of having to go get them from carrier sites, they come to you automatically.  

Last year, your feedback helped us improve functionality by adding integration between TransactNOW and your agency management system and/or ImageRight/WorkSmart, with just the click of a few boxes.  

We’re committed to making continuous improvements, so over the past few months we’ve added additional functionality, once again based on your feedback.  

Here are some of the more notable enhancements you’ll see that are included in Version 2: 

  • Better integration with WorkSmart Policy Filing 

  • Enable ImageRight/WorkSmart agents to personalize what their “Client ID” attribute is called, for better matching 

  • Provide the option to send the eDoc details carriers send along with the attachments to ImageRight/WorkSmart as an additional attachment 

  • Personalize the number of days to wait for match before sending edoc to ImageRight/WorkSmart so fewer things go to “new mail”/unassigned 

  • Allow deletion of email addresses 

  • Make the “report” button more prominent in the TransactNOW window 

  • Allow selection of a range of dates on the eDocs report screen 

  • Add the eDoc integration status to report 

  • Improve support for multiple IVANS accounts on the eDocs configuration screen 

  • Add an indicator to show when things were sent to ImageRight/WorkSmart, along with the “matched to a customer/policy” status 

  • Added an option to filter the user’s view to only show selected carrier(s) 


Here’s what some users are saying: 

“eDocs integration with ImageRight has been a huge timesaver for us. We've implemented it with as many carriers as we can and now we receive the documents from carriers in the correct client file assigned to the account rep on the file as soon as they are issued without any human intervention. This is truly one of the greatest improvements I've ever seen when it comes to document distribution from the carriers” 

-Patty McQuade, AMS360 customer 


But we’re not done yet! We’re continuously working to improve your connectivity experience with your carriers. In fact, in the next few months, you can expect to see: 

  • Auto-delete capability for matched/routed items in TransactNOW 

  • The ability to personalize your email subject line 

  • Support for other types of eDocs and Messages download, e.g., Surety, Benefits, Flood, etc.  

  • …and more!  Keep submitting your suggestions to the Ideas Portal on MyVertafore to let us know of any other enhancements you’d like to see! 


Ready to get started? 

If you’re an AMS360 user, you need version 2018R1 or later, VSSO, Worksmart v6.6 or later (if you’re a WorkSmart user), and a personalized TransactNOW eDocs and messages configuration screen.  

If you’re a Sagitta user, you need version 2018R3 or later, ImageRight or WorkSmart v6.6 or later (if you’re a WorkSmart user), and a personalized TransactNOW eDocs and messages configuration screen.  

Of course, like any other download, you will also need to let your carrier(s) know to start sending eDocs and Messages to your agency too, if you weren’t already receiving eDocs and Messages into TransactNOW. And if your carrier doesn’t support eDocs and Messages download yet, contact them and make sure they know how important it is to you that they do! 

The carriers certified to send eDocs and Messages download is changing all the time. You can find the most up-to-date list at the Carrier Partner Lists here (make sure to look under the column for eDocs and Messages).