18R2 already? Yes, it’s coming soon!

December 5, 2018 /

Written By: Mike Alwais, Director of Product Marketing

Now that nearly 100% of AMS360 users have upgraded to 18R1, we’re excited to bring you 18R2—coming soon! Our Early Adopters have just completed their test-drive of this release and it’s on track for you in the near future.

Here are three main areas where you’ll see an impact when you upgrade to 18R2:

  • We’re always focusing on ease-of-use. The easier AMS360 is to use, the more productive you and your employees are.
  • With built in functions to guide compliance, you can reduce your E&O exposure.
  • We’ve made real improvements in the system’s performance and ease of administration.

This release improves performance and scalability so that AMS360 can grow as you grow, with new capabilities like Multiple IVANS support for a single database, and the Business Unit Access enhancement. Many of the enhancements are designed to make you more productive by cutting the time it takes to do routine tasks.

For example:

  • We reduced the time to combine PDFs when using eForms by letting you combine several attachments into a single PDF.
  • We also added a Merge Customer feature that will cut down the time it takes to remove duplicate customers.
  • One of the most requested features through our Ideas Portal is to Append Activity Descriptions, so we’re excited to tell you we did that too!

Here are just a few comments from some of our Early Adopters:

Auditing – “This will become more and more important as the laws tighten. Very important.”

Claims Loss Reserve – “Our claims staff are elated that this will be implemented. We handle all claims in house, so any claims automation will be greatly appreciated.”

Merge Customer – “We have been on AMS for 9 years. The database gets mucked up after time. This will make it much easier to find clients. This will be a big one once we make a list and start merging.”

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on 18R2 and to hear what you think of it! For most agencies, access will begin rolling out in January, so look out for a notification email to alert you when it’s time.