Accelerate 2018: Improve your business through intelligent document processes

June 24, 2018 /

Processing documents and messages from carriers is a time-consuming process for the independent insurance agency. This activity can consume hours per week for the typical agency that can be saved using TransactNOW to simplify the download process. Some agencies feel that visiting carrier sites to download documents on a daily basis is more painful than processing printed mail.

At Accelerate, powered by NetVU 2018, attendees were able to see a presentation on our upcoming Automated eDocs and Messages Processing for AMS360 online and, WorkSmart users. This automation will reduce time spend processing eDocs and Messages download by up to 50%.

eDocs and Messages Integration with AMS360 will save agents time, reduce E&O risk and improve agency-carrier relationships via automatic activity creation and intelligent routing & storing of the documents carriers download. Agencies will be able to configure TransactNOW to create processing rules specific to each carrier and message type, and also by personal and commercial lines. Staff can reduce time spent visiting participating carriers’ portals, freeing up time to spend on revenue-generating activities.

Automated eDocs and Messages Processing will increase productivity by eliminating waiting time for valuable information. Depending on the configuration options selected, servicers assigned to policies can be notified when documents have been sent to them. Instead of checking for documents daily, the document is automatically sent to the appropriate person or into a workflow, eliminating the need for staff to open email, scan, file or shred paper.

Automated eDocs and Messages Processing will be available soon to AMS360 Online as part of the AMS360 18R1 and TransactNOW 18R1 releases. We recognize that our customer’s success is our success, so it will be available at no additional cost to our agents! To learn more and get access to the Accelerate powered by NetVU presentation, click here now.

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