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April 5, 2018 /

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How to use the template:

Accelerate, powered by NetVU, is a great opportunity for users to learn about product roadmaps, network with over 2,000 insurance professionals, and attend in-depth training sessions geared to make your business more successful. However, just because you understand the value of attending Accelerate, doesn’t mean your boss will. To help you convince your boss of the value of attending Accelerate, we’ve put together this guided template to help you write the perfect letter and justify your value of attending the conference. Use the top content as a guide to fill in the justification letter at the bottom.

Familiarize yourself with the NetVU agenda, sessions, and value.

  • Before you discuss the conference with your boss, take a look at the 2018 sessions in the conference agenda, and review your company’s upcoming goals and strategies. Look for common themes and objectives between your manager’s or company’s goals and what you can learn at the conference.

  • Read the Top Reasons to Attend Accelerate blog, and get advice from past Accelerate, powered by NetVU, attendees on how they received buy-in by searching the discussion board on NCOM for “Win a $500 Gift Card + More On Accelerate”.

  • Once you’ve done your homework and prepared your case, customize the highlighted areas on page 3 and share it with your manager; preferably in person!  

Tips to know before you begin:

Three tips to help you make a strong case for attending Accelerate.

Tip #1 – do your research

Use topics on the agenda to highlight the opportunity cost of you not attending. For instance, you might say, “Learning how to utilize our agency solutions to their fullest potential can help increase our efficiency and productivity by eliminating bottlenecks and significantly reducing time spent on data entry. The value of 20 minutes of time saved per day could mean 85 hours of saved time per year, per person!”

Tip #2 – Make a plan

Come to the discussion with your manager prepared with a plan for how your projects and responsibilities will be managed on the days that you're away at Accelerate.

Tip #3 – Determine the cost

Understand the cost to attend, including your conference ticket, flight, hotel, and meals outside the conference. Travel and hotel are additional costs. You can expect to see a discounted group rate in the conference room block around $195-$300 per night. Other ways to save on travel are to double-up with team members or find less expensive nearby accommodations.

Accelerate pricing details (NetVU Member Pricing):

  • Standard Rates: $799 (price increase after 4/25)

  • Group Pricing for 4+: $624 per person

  • Late and Onsite Registrations: $949

Common Objections + How to Handle Them

Here are some common objections we’ve heard from bosses, and how to address them.

Objection #1 – “The conference is too expensive”

Suggested response: What if attending Accelerate gave us ideas that helped improve our productivity by 2%? That's worth more than the cost of my attendance! The Accelerate conference will be the largest gathering of Vertafore users and insurance professionals, which is a great opportunity for me to network with our peers and bring ideas back to our company. The education sessions at Accelerate dive deep into hands-on tactics to help maximize our investment. Plus, industry trends and best practices change frequently. Accelerate speakers are on the industry front lines, adapting to the new opportunities and developing new best practices. The end result is that we'll bring back the latest ideas for improving efficiency and growing our book of business.

Objection #2 – “It’s too much time away from work”

Suggested response: I’ve come prepared with a plan of how I’ll cover my responsibilities while I’m away. By dedicating two days to the experience, I’ll be able to focus and fully immerse myself in ‘learning mode,’ allowing me to execute what I learn faster, in addition to giving me new ideas to help us reach our goals faster. When I return from Accelerate, I promise to give a presentation on what I learned and how it can be applied at our company.

Objection #3 – “You can learn the same content online”

Suggested response: Online tutorials can sometimes fill the gaps, but can’t replace an in-person training session that will help solve our unique needs and challenges. At Accelerate, I’ll meet other professionals who are in the same industry and use the same tools. There’s also the chance to network directly with speakers and ask the targeted questions to meet our specific goals.

Justification Letter to Your Boss Template

Fill in the [bold & italics] portions with customized information unique to you and your company. Use examples above to help you fill in the missing information.

Letter template for accelerate 2018:

Dear [Enter manager’s name],

I would like your approval to attend this year’s Accelerate, powered by NetVU, conference. This conference is dedicated to helping Vertafore users Accelerate productivity. There will be over 200 educational sessions covering in-depth product trainings, insurance industry trends and best practices, tips and tricks to make business more successful, and more. Unlike most conferences, the sessions at Accelerate are broken out to focus on using specific platforms and tools – meaning the content will be unique and tailored to my needs. This approach means I’ll walk away with real-world advice, best practices, and practical takeaways that will make me a better [Insert title].

Between the content presented in the sessions, live optimization workshops, expert roundtables, and networking with fellow attendees, I plan to learn new techniques, increase my knowledge regarding best practices, and gather ideas to inspire the optimization of our own [Insert something specific to your company/role].

Accelerate will have sessions covering:

· [Insert session applicable to your company.]

· [Insert session applicable to your company.]

· [Insert session applicable to your company.]

· [Insert session applicable to your company.]

Learning how to [utilize our agency solutions to their fullest potential] will help me [increase our efficiency and productivity] by [eliminating bottlenecks and significantly reducing time spent on data entry]. [The value of 20 minutes of saved time per day could mean 85 hours of saved time per year, per person!]

Upon my return from Accelerate, I will share takeaways, including those that we can implement immediately to maximize our [Insert company goal, important metric for your company, etc.]. You can also learn more about the conference here.

I’ve broken down the approximate cost of my attendance at Accelerate:

· Airfare/Travel: [$IF APPLICABLE]


· Conference Pass: [$AMOUNT]

· Total: [$AMOUNT]

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

[Your Name]

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