AMS360 insights: Error message: Error loading forms or unable to load forms

February 20, 2018 /

Written By: Steve Cox, VP Customer Support

We understand that your time is valuable, and one thing that eats away at your time is a loading error. We know that when an error comes up for something simple, it can easily cause frustration. We would like to provide some simple troubleshooting steps for quick fixes to some of the most common issues.

If you have received the 17R1 release update, please use the following instructions to resolve Error Message: Error loading forms or Unable to load forms 










  1. User selects Restart, the dialog and blank winform will close and normal log off procedures will occur. 

What happens when I click Restart?

  1. The first time a user receives this notification an AMS360Logs folder, (%LOCALAPPDATA%\AMS360Logs), will be created along with a Log for the error created as a Zip File that can be opened as a Text File. 

  2. The AMS360 cache will be cleared with the exception of the Bin folder.

  3. In addition to the Zipped log file, a ClearCache360.exe will be downloaded in the AMS360Logs Folder.

Notes about AMS360Logs folder:

  • The log files at %LOCALAPPDATA%\AMS360Logs will have the events from the Application and AMS360 event logs for the past 24 hours.

  • The files in the AMS360Logs folder will remain for 30 days and then they will automatically be deleted so that this folder does not become large.

  • Please note that this folder is utilized to gain additional details for Development to troubleshoot exactly what caused your error. If you call into Support, you should expect the Support rep to export this zip file and attach to your case in My Vertafore.

What happens if I click Cancel?

  1. If a user selects the Cancel button on the dialog, the dialog and blank winform will close and a log will be created in the AMS360Logs folder.

  2. ClearCache360.exe will not be downloaded.

  3. AMS360 Cache will not be cleared.

The User may receive the same error again for the same action.

Best Practice is to use the Restart button when receiving ‘Unable to load the form’ error message.










We are also capturing logs when a user receives Error Loading Form.  However, there is no new messaging that the user will receive and we will not clear AMS360 cache.

If you have NOT received the 17R1 release update, please use the following instructions to resolve Error Message: Error loading forms or Unable to load forms 

  1. Log off AMS360.

  2. Close all Internet Explorer pages.

  3. If Microsoft Outlook is open, exit the program.

  4. Open Windows Task Manager.  (Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC on the keyboard)

  • Click the Processes tab. 

  • If AMSCommunicationService.EXE or WorkstationCoordinator.exe still appears in the list, select it and click End Task.

  • Close Windows Task Manager. 

Press the Windows+R keys. The Run page appears.

  1. Type %userprofile% and click OK.  The User’s folder page appears.

  2. Ensure you can view all hidden files and folders.  From the Organize menu, click Folder and search options.  The Folder Options page appears.

  3. Click the View tab.

  4. Under Advanced Settings, select Show hidden files, folders, or drives.  Click OK.

  5. Double-click the AppData folder.

  6. Double-click the Local folder.

  7. Select and delete the AMS Service, Inc folder.

  8. Select and delete the assembly folder. (For versions 9.5 and earlier. Versions after 9.5 do not use this folder.) 

Note: If the assembly folder cannot be deleted, restart the workstation and try again.  You should be able to delete this folder provided there is not another .NET Framework application activity being used upon start-up.

Following these steps will save you the time spent on the phone so you can focus on getting back to business. We are always willing to help our customers in any way we can so please go to My Vertafore if you have any additional problems and need assistance.