AMS360 online 18R1 release: Cut the time you spend on critical tasks by up to 50 percent

May 20, 2018 /

We enjoyed seeing many of you this past week at Accelerate, powered by NetVU! During the conference, attendees had a chance to learn from experts during live training sessions as well as hear about some of the many exciting releases we have coming. One of these is our upcoming AMS360 18R1 Online release, which will be one of the biggest AMS360 releases in Vertafore history. If you weren’t able to attend Accelerate, read on to learn more about this exciting release! 

We are committed to helping you become the agency of choice, and AMS360 18R1 does this in three major ways. First, this release helps by strengthening the core of your agency management system to improve the technology foundation of your future. We also focused on streamlining carrier connections, which makes you an attractive partner to your carriers. Finally, driving process efficiency enables you to strengthen your business and achieve your profitability goals.

Strengthening the Core

Document Distribution 

Do you spend too much time on written communication with large groups of customers? AMS360 18R1 will automate bulk customer communication with the potential to save you days of time and effort.

Business Origin Accounting

With this release you’ll be able to track the origin of new business and align commissions directly to business type and source. This will provide better insights into your business by tracking revenue generated by the defined source of the business. Automating the calculation of producer commission eliminates manual tracking and saves time identifying sales production.

Streamlining Carrier Connections

Automated eDocs Processing 

With automated eDocs processing, AMS360 online will provide an efficient way to provide the most accurate policy documents throughout the lifecycle. Carrier documents are automatically attached to a client policy, which eliminates time spent manually routing eDocs messages, attachments, and downloads, as well as the need for staff to open email, scan, file, or shred paper documents. Automated eDocs Processing offers the potential for up to a 50 percent reduction in the time it takes to perform administrative tasks, thus providing more time to spend more time managing the business and serving customers.

"AMS360 has transformed every process in our business," said Carl Schlotman, president and CEO at CAI Insurance Agency, Inc. "With this update, we expect to reduce document processing time by 50 percent, which will drive overall cost savings and increased profits. It's really amazing to see."

Driving Process Efficiency

Proposal Builder 

A new direct integration with AMS360 online gives you the capability to create commercial P&C proposals - a feature that is unique in the insurance software industry. AMS360 Proposal Builder automatically combines accurate information from your management system with branded templates to generate client-ready proposal documents. Brand and template libraries standardize content across divisions and lines of business for professional, consistent results. This new capability is a modern, easy-to-use solution that significantly reduces time spent generating commercial P&C proposals while improving production quality.

The direct integration with AMS360 online pulls accurate customer and prospect information directly into the correct fields of the proposal, which saves time spent on data entry and reduces liability risk to data entry errors and omissions. Administrative manager users lock content and standard sections of the document to prevent accidental edits and a record of hard copies are saved in ImageRight for audit history. Brand and template libraries standardize content across divisions and lines of business for true customization and creates polished, professional client-ready documents. It ultimately can save producers up to 50 percent of time normally spent generating each proposal.

"Drafting proposals, including data entry and formatting, can take up a significant part of my day," said Tandra Stacer, client service manager at Haas and Wilkerson Insurance. "With the proposals builder in AMS360, my day is freed up to spend more time doing the activities that brought me to insurance in the first place – talking to and helping people."

Additional Enhancements & Updates

Along with the major updates above, we are continuing to make enhancements that will help you improve your business. The below list highlights these additional features:

Area                    New Feature

Accounting       Multiple invoice template enhancements

Accounting       Acquisition book of business tracking

Accounting       Ability to sub-ledger by insurance company

Accounting       Added producer expense allocation option for brokered                                    business

Accounting       Multiple Account Current enhancements

Accounting       Ability to copy Direct Bill Entry Statement

Accounting       Direct Bill Entry Detail View Improvements

Accounting       Ability to create activities & attach document in the                                          Financial Center

Download         Ability to exclude a policy from receiving download

Download         Cancellation policy status updated

Download         Auto calculate estimated revenue on download

General             Secure submission separately from policy

General             Add Employee Benefits Exec & Rep as primary on accounts                              in AMS360

General             Updated customer search & customer summary

ACORD             Several updates to various lines of business

Reporting          Multiple additions and enhancement to several reports

Requirements to Upgrade

AMS360 updates are included in your AMS360 subscription. We recognize our customers’ success is our success, so these updates are available to our AMS360 Online users at no additional cost! In order to take advantage of Automated eDocs Processing, both TransactNow and VSSO must be configured. You can learn more on MyVertafore by logging in and reading this TransactNow document and this VSSO document.

As usual, your release update will automatically be scheduled. If you’d like to request an earlier update, please log onto My Vertafore or click here:

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