Announcing Sircon for Carriers

August 18, 2020 /

A few years ago, we realized that no one was taking a comprehensive view of everything that a carrier has to do to onboard, compensate, and manage their producer and agency relationships.  Last Fall, Vertafore acquired Vue Software – a leader in insurance compensation management.  

And now, we are excited to announce:

Sircon for Carriers

Sircon for Carriers is a complete set of solutions from Vertafore which integrates compensation with our Sircon compliance and credentialing platform to provide the first and most comprehensive set of solutions for carriers across all aspects of agency and producer management.

Sircon for Carriers Graphic

Let’s dig a little deeper into the solutions.

Sircon Onboarding & Self-Service helps carriers like you bring on new agents and get them authorized to sell your products quickly with compliance automation

Sircon Compensation enables you to create compelling commission and incentive programs that drive agents to sell more for you and execute your growth strategy by selling what and where you want them to sell.

Sircon Producer Central is the foundation of Sircon for Carriers. Manage the relationships you have with agents and agencies over time so they stay compliant with ever-changing state rules, and can expand into new products and new regions when they’re ready.

Sircon for Carriers is part of the Sircon connected network that brings together all the players in distribution to simplify and automate the producer lifecycle, and to help carriers grow their distribution by providing superior service to agents across all touchpoints. Not just sales, but service too. We do this across all lines of business and all distribution channels, so we can support your whole business.