Compliance is better together: What the Sircon compliance network means for you

January 8, 2020 /

By: Scott Gillahan, Mgr. Product Management

The year 2019 was a year of tremendous expansion for our Sircon compliance network. We added over 156,000 new agents and 3,600 new agencies last year, which means our network now includes more than:

  • 11,000 agencies
  • 550,000 agents
  • 600 carrier groups
  • 2,200 education providers
  • 23 state departments of insurance

These numbers aren’t just meaningful for us—they’re a benefit to you. With every stakeholder that joins the network, compliance gets a little bit better for Sircon agencies. Here’s why.

As more agents create Sircon accounts, it’s easier for you to connect with your agents to view their license information or to manage compliance on their behalf while keeping them in the loop.

Deeper state connections bring more electronic services for you. This year we partnered with the California Department of Insurance (CDI) to transition all licensing and education services offered via California Business Entity Services (BES) accounts to Sircon – including license printing, license reinstatements, and more.

Carrier connections to agents and agencies for compliance is still in the early stages. This year several carriers began to allow agents to use their Sircon accounts for onboarding, streamlining the process for individual agents. In 2020 we’re expanding carrier connections even further to allow agencies to use their Sircon accounts during onboarding and to provide even more information sharing from carriers.

Whether it’s an individual, state, carrier, agency, or education provider, each new member of our network makes Sircon an even stronger compliance solution. In 2020, our resolution is to continue growing and provide even more value to you.