How to manage from home with AMS360

April 6, 2020 /

Written by: Parker Davis, Customer Community Engagement Manager

You may be used to seeing your employees face-to-face Monday through Friday. Now that many of us have transitioned to work-from-home, tracking your users’ workflows may be more of a challenge. However, there are several features in AMS360 you can use to make sure you are meeting deadlines and properly servicing your customers.Click on the links for access to articles and Did you know? videos you can use to learn more about these functionalities to benefit your agency now and in the future.

Several reports may help to monitor actions within AMS360 and ensure needs are being met timely and properly. The Authentication Information, Activity List, and Suspense reports are all great ways to track workflows and actions taken on behalf of customers. If you are accustomed to checking in with your team in-person about their work, these reports can provide similar visibility.

For those that have access to it, My Agency Home also features valuable workflow assistance than can make your users more efficient and help you formalize common processes. QuickNavs are prepopulated workflows that also allow customization to account for the specifics of your agency.My Agency Home also contains the Manager Dashboard.This creates insight into your employees' work and the status of any specific assignment or project. If one user is taking on too much, or if certain tasks need to be expedited, you can also reassign work using the Manager Dashboard. If you are not already utilizing QuickNavs, now may be the time to do so!

These are just a few resources that can help you if you are feeling out of touch with your employees, or just want deeper insight into their work. Not only can these tools help you in the short-term, but they can be great ways to continually improve your business.

For more conversation from customers on how they monitor work in AMS360, check out this thread on the NetVU message board. For more information on any of these tools please reach out to Vertafore Support.