Insurance Industry Analytics: Save time preparing for carrier meetings at CIAB

August 29, 2019 /

Written by: Chad Hawkinson, Senior Vice President Data & Analytics


One of the foremost insurance industry conferences is coming up on October 4-8 in Colorado Springs, CO – the CIAB Insurance Leadership Forum (ILF). It’s an incredible opportunity for agencies, carriers, wholesalers, and vendors to meet and collaborate on ways to grow our businesses.

On top of the excellent educational and social experience, many agency leaders use the ILF to hold executive meetings with their carrier partners. It’s always great to take advantage of the opportunity to meet your partners face-to-face and these meetings can help you and your partners understand the current business environment and ways to drive future growth.

The key to any successful meeting is preparation. And we know that many of you put significant time and effort into making sure you’re prepared with a useful report you can use in these meetings.

Typical data requirements are:

  • Premiums, commissions, and policy counts, by carrier by line of business by office/region, ideally with multi-year lookback
  • Breakdown of the premium and commission growth by new business vs. renewal business
  • Top wholesalers by carrier by line of business
  • List of top customers by carrier, especially in new business

How long does it take you and your agency to pull this data together? Do you even have the right reports to get started? Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your time on other things and let the reports run themselves?

Let us help you! With our RiskMatch data and analytics solution, we make your CIAB ILF reporting as simple as pushing a button. No more spending weeks scrambling and trying to reconcile different sources of data. Learn more about RiskMatch today, including how it can simplify reporting, by contacting your account manager.