Sagitta insights: Resolving ‘unposted records’ message

February 8, 2018 /

Written By: Steve Cox, VP Customer Support

The worst thing about error messages is realizing, after calling into the customer support center, that you had the tools to fix the simple error yourself all along. We are constantly striving to enhance our customers’ experiences so here are some easy troubleshooting tips. We want you to be able to fix those pesky error messages quickly so you can get off the phones and focus your time and energy on growing your business. 

When running the Sagitta End of Year Report, an error can be received, typically similar to:

There are unposted records in... (a list of files for which non-updated records exist (i.e., Receipts, Disbursements, etc.).   

  • To resolve, note the files in error message and run the Update Report that coincides with the first day of the fiscal year and ending date of the last day of fiscal year.

  • Run the report for unposted items and check/delete as necessary.

  • Rerun the Year End Close report.

These simple steps will help enhance our customer’s business abilities by giving them the ability to troubleshoot minor errors that may arise with minimal effort and time. We are dedicated to doing excellent work for our customers and helping them succeed so please reach out to us through My Vertafore if you have any further problems or issues.